Poten Pinpoints Busiest Dirty Tanker Routes in 2015

first_imgzoom After many years of keeping track and reporting on the largest dirty spot charterers based on reported spot fixtures, Poten&Partners used the gathered data to rank the busiest dirty tanker routes worldwide in the first seven months of 2015, and compare it to the same period a year earlier. The long-haul Arabian Gulf (AG) exports dominate the crude oil trades, according to Poten.The AG to Far East route (which includes China, Korea and Japan) is by far the biggest, although the number of spot fixtures seems to have declined somewhat relative to last year. The AG to South Asia (India) trade ended up in third place, while destinations in South East Asia rank number 6. Traditional import powerhouses USA and UK/Continent are way down the list, but remain in the top 15.Intra-regional trades continue to play an important role in the crude oil tanker market. Reported fixtures within the Mediterranean (MED) and the North Sea (UKC) are second and fourth on the overall list. Intra-regional movements in the Caribbean/USG and within the Far East are further down the list, but remain important, in particular for the Suezmax and Aframax sectors.Next up are the West African (WAF) exports, primarily originating from Nigeria and Angola. The main destinations are in the Far East (5th) and the UKC (9th), followed by South Asia (11th). The WAF to USA trade continues to decline. It reduced from 7.6 million MT in Jan-Jul 2014 to 4.5 million MT in the same period of 2015.Exports from the Caribbean (CAR) have continued to evolve. Movements from the Caribbean to the USA continue to decline, as the USA uses more domestic crude, but it remains the largest export trade from the Caribbean. Within the Atlantic Basin, the MED is growing as a destination for Caribbean crude. The fastest growing destinations for crudes from the Caribbean (mostly from Venezuela and Colombia, but also East Coast Mexico) are in Asia, primarily China and India. However, a fair number of these voyages are done on a private basis and do not show up in fixture reports.When comparing reported dirty spot fixture volumes in so far in 2015 with the same period of 2014, a few developments stand out. Reported movements from the AG to the Far East were down, as were fixtures to the USA (both US Gulf and US West Coast). However, voyages from the AG to the Red Sea, South East Asia and South Asia increased by an equivalent amount. To compensate for lower volumes from the AG, countries in the Far East now import more from West Africa, the Caribbean and Central and South America.last_img read more

11 video rental rituals that will pull at your heartstrings

first_imgIN THE PAST few weeks Blockbuster in the UK and the US has announced mass closures of hundreds of stores, as people move away from physically renting videos and DVDs.Blockbuster in the US issued this heart-wrenching tweet earlier this month:With Xtra-vision’s own problems earlier this year we’ve been thinking of the special video shop rituals we’re sure you can all identify with…1. Begging and pleadingPLEASE can we go to the video shop? PLEASE can we? PLEEEEASE? Source: Gr-assets2. Browsing for an ageNew releases, animations, classics, the endless alphabetised rows of videos or DVDs. So much choice. Source: tracy the astonishing3. More begging and pleadingThis time to be allowed to rent more than one film. Because of all the choice, you see. Source: ccsanfran814. DisappointmentUnlike 2013 with its unlimited digital versions of films to watch online, back in the day of video shops, movies were finite resources.If someone had the one you wanted, then you just had to wait until next time.5. Changing your mindNo, I want The Princess Bride! No, I want Home Alone! No, I want Care Bears! Source: BlogSpot6. Yet more begging and pleadingThis time for hideously overpriced crisps and sweets, which were a third of the price in the shop next door. Source: Mysupermarket Source: Leonid Mamchenkov7. Small victoriesCodding a parent into allowing you to rent an over-15s film was always a special day. Source: Amazon Source: Amazon8. Asking the staff to keep you a huge cardboard cutoutThey never did, but you always asked. Source: Ebay Source: BlogSpot9. Tracking issuesYou got home, SO excited to watch The Land Before Time, or All Dogs Go to Heaven, or Toy Story… and this happened. Source: TumblrWorst case scenario, this happened: Source: Imgur10. Watching the film again, the second it endedEven if you have to watch it through tears and snot…11. Being kind, rewindingIt was the sound thing to do. Source: SfsketchfestWe’ll leave you with this… Source: FeedRead: 11 great things about growing up with Xtra-vision>More: 8 Saturday evening rituals we bet you all took part in>last_img read more