9 signs youve already mentally started your Bank Holiday weekend

first_img Source: Shutterstock8. You’ve generally stopped caringWhat kind of monster calls you into a meeting 20 minutes before you’re due to go home? You anticipate that this will happen, but just grin and bare it, the whole room are with you on this one.PUSH THROUGH.9. You’re already delighted about the four-day weekSURE, the pessimist in you will constantly be seeing the weekend away until Monday comes in the form of a particularly rough Tuesday, but it will only be a four day week so you’ve basically not got to worry until the next Sunday.Life is good.11 symptoms of Post Bank Holiday Syndrome>Working this Bank Holiday? Join our support group> 4. You refuse to make an effort with your appearanceSuit ironed for the morning? Not a chance.It’s casual Friday, unfortunately for those who sit beside Flip-flop Phil. It’s March, Phil, March. Source: Shutterstock5. You can forget about preparing lunchBring on the burritos AWE YEAH. Calories don’t count on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and bank holiday Mondays so take full advantage. Source: secretlondon1236. The car comes out of obscurityYou’re driving to work because you’re making a break for the opposite side of the country for the weekend that’s in it. The commute isn’t as bad if we take public transport out of the equation. The luxury. The comfort. The rage-inducing traffic. Source: Infomatique7. You’re safe in the knowledge that everyone will be extra sound in the morningEveryone’s in a good mood before the weekend, so train up on these stock phrases to get you through small-talk tomorrow.Any plans for the bank holiday?Keeping away from town anyway.Hope we get a bit of sun.A quiet one, I’d say.Ah sure you may aswell, it’s Friday. HAPPY WEEKEND! OK, so it’s not the weekend yet, but it’s as good as.Everyone working a 9-5 knows that the weekend starts here, it’s simply unfair to expect Friday to be a productive weekday when the week:weekend ratio is so off.Get a grip.Here’s how you know you’ve clocked off for the weekend already (short of ACTUALLY clocking off for the weekend). Source: WeKnowMemes1. You’re not worrying about the early morningTherefore it doesn’t really count.UP AND AT EM.The sooner you get into work, the sooner Friday is over.2. You’re plotting an office-wide hangoverThursday is THE night to go out, ignore other conventions. Friday’s a write-off anyway so you may as well mutually sympathise with your co-workers over a bleary-eyed breakfast roll in the morning.3. You stayed a bit later today to get everything doneYou better believe that the MINUTE, nay, SECOND, the clock strikes 5.30pm tomorrow, you’ll be legging it out of the nearest office crevice. Door, window, vent, whatever.You might even clock off (physically)a bit earlier if you’ve ‘a drive’ home. Freedom, we can taste it.last_img read more