Is Sony about to unveil a new PS Vita

first_imgSony will be holding a special press event in New York City on September 7.  The company didn’t specify what the event is for, but we can be reasonably sure that it will be to unveil its next PlayStation 4, dubbed the “PS4 Neo.” This news would be enough to justify an event, but if a recent rumor is true, then it is possible that Sony will also be announcing an upgraded version of its current handheld device: the PlayStation Vita.A Japanese blog found an FCC listing that had patents for two new wireless chips. One chip had the model name of AW-CB262. This is similar to the PS4 line of hardware and could be for the PS4 Neo. The other chip has the model name of J20H091. This one is similar to that of the PS Vita line of hardware. Due to this similarity, some think that Sony will update the Vita. The NeoGAF user who started a thread about this rumor has dubbed this the “PS Vita Trinity,” mocking the Matrix-sounding names for PlayStation VR (Project Morpheus) and the PS4 Neo.Adding legitimacy to this rumor is a letter of short-term confidentiality that Sony sent to the FCC. The letter states that external photos, internal photos, test setup photos, and user manual are to be kept confidential for 180 days from the date of Grant of Equipment Authorization.Could Sony be working on an upgraded PS Vita? Perhaps not. As some in the NeoGAF thread have noted, the chip model name is also similar to that of the current PS4 chip. Sony has already stated that it plans to unveil a PS4 slim at the Tokyo Game Show, so it is possible that this new chip is for that revised console. However, since the PS4 is getting an upgrade, Sony may be looking to also update the Vita in order for it to have functionality with the PS4 Neo.As always, take this rumor with the proverbial grain of salt. The PS Vita wasn’t exactly a popular machine, so it seems odd that Sony would try to revise it. Stranger things have happened though, so we’ll have to wait for the Sony event in September where the company will hopefully shed some light on this subject.last_img read more