Xining traffic police check drunk driving, overloading and other illegal and unlicensed driving beha

during the festival, family and friends together, it is inevitable to drink a few glasses of wine. However, drunk driving has caused a lot of irreparable tragedy. In order to prevent the occurrence of similar accidents, from the beginning of the two month, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment of police launched a night of drunken driving and undocumented, overloading and other illegal driving behavior.

: the traffic police vehicle

night scene

[lens] driving without a license escape

at 21:10 on February 1st, near the Yangtze River Road, Xining City, near the city of Victoria, Xining traffic police detachment of police are here to check the passing vehicles, then, the roadside has stopped a few cars. A private car came over, the traffic police signaled the driver to stop the car. Police found in the inspection, the driver did not have a driver’s license, so he stopped at the roadside to receive treatment. Unexpectedly, the traffic police just turned around, the driver will drive away. read more