Long gone are the days when a tester would sit on

first_imgLong gone are the days when a tester would sit on one side of the wall and wait for the developers to throw code over. Today’s testers are not only wearing their testing hats, but also the developer’s hat, the security team’s hat and IT’s hat.“Testers need to be able to pick up any hat depending on what they need to do to get the current sprint done,” said Caleb Billingsley, senior vice president of performance, data and delivery at Orasi.Being a software tester is no longer about preventing your team from shipping bugs, but it is becoming a much more strategic function, according to Steve Hazel, CTO of Sauce Labs. “In the modern development shop, quality is everyone’s concern because of the impact of poor quality on the entire development pipeline,” he said. “The modern day tester is an engineer. They have development experience, or can think in terms of development and code.”(Related: How testing works in an agile world) But as testers are adjusting to their new roles and responsibilities, they need to remember that their part on the team is becoming more important than ever, not less. Just because their roles might start to look more like a developer, their obligation as a tester doesn’t diminish, according to Jason Hammon, director of product management at TechExcel. “The need for testing is higher than ever because as the release cycles are getting shorter, as the number of devices are getting larger and as platforms are getting larger, the amount of software issues that could affect people’s personal data gets higher and higher,” he said.Even as developers start picking up more testing responsibilities, and everyone on the team is more cross-functional, testers are still going to be the ones who can provide better insight and more experience with software tests.“It is a specialty,” said Billingsley. “If you spent your whole career testing, when you get into the critical phase of finding defects or relevant problems that are going to impact users, that’s the software testers’ world. That’s what they live in. It is just built into their DNA. They love to find problems.”Today’s testers are more of a facilitator of quality, according to Tom Lounibos, CEO of SOASTA. They can bring their expertise and skills to provide advice and information to developers about how they can be better. “Testers are actually becoming performance engineers more than they are test engineers, and that is a much higher-value solution,” said he said.last_img read more

Websites better be responsive says SOASTA Star War

first_imgWebsites better be responsive says SOASTAStar Wars fans are readying for the new Star Wars movie, and a SOASTA report shows that they will rely on website performance to watch new movie trailers, get updates on the movie and read movie reviews, according to a SOASTA press release.An online survey conducted by Harris Poll on behalf of SOASTA polled more than 2,000 adults age 18 and older. It showed that website performance is critical for all brands, including “Star Wars.” and that millennials (52%) are more likely to say online performance matters compared to their older counterparts. The survey also found that fans will most likely be going to other sites to watch trailers, instead of going to the “logical” Starwars.com website.JetBrains introduces new tool for ReSharper 10JetBrains wants to reduce the time it takes to build a solution. The company has announced ReSharper Build, a new feature that replaces Visual Studio’s build management.“Once enabled, ReSharper Build replaces and overrides the standard Visual Studio build process, and is invoked whenever a build is required—building, rebuilding or cleaning the solution, running or debugging the project, or running unit tests,” wrote Matt Ellis, technical evangelist for .NET plug-ins at JetBrains, in a blog post.ReSharper Build will also be a new feature for continuous testing in dotCover and ReSharper Ultimate. New York might have a reputation of being fast-paced, but the New York City subway system is actually operating on century-old technology, according to Business Insider.The Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) uploaded a YouTube video a few months ago to show the old system and what needs to be updated. Some of the outdated features include manually pulling handles to operate track switches and signals, and logging trains by hand.MTA needs funding from the state legislature to update its telecommunications-based train control. An updated system would allow a better understanding of where the trains are by attaching transponders under cars so they can be tracked in real time, according to Business Insider. The new system would allow trains to go at higher speeds, communicating with each other to avoid collisions if they get too close.Business Insider also reported that communications-based train control is currently being installed on Flushing-bound 7 trains.last_img read more