News Scan for May 31, 2019

first_imgCDC: 10 more people infected with Salmonella linked to hedgehogsThe Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) yesterday announced 10 more cases of Salmonella Typhimurium illness linked to pet hedgehogs, and 6 more states are affected. The new cases raise the outbreak total to 27 cases in 17 states.Two people have been hospitalized in this outbreak, but there have been no reported deaths. Forty-two percent of cases involve children aged 12 or younger, the CDC said. In interviews, 90% of patients said they had contact with a hedgehog prior to symptom onset. Illnesses were reported from Oct 22, 2018, to Apr 8, 2019.”The outbreak strain of Salmonella Typhimurium was identified in samples collected from 10 hedgehogs in Minnesota, including 5 hedgehogs from the homes of five ill patients. A common source of hedgehogs has not been identified,” the CDC said.Minnesota has the most recorded cases, with 5, followed by Missouri (3), and California, Indiana, Virginia, and Wyoming with 2 each. Eleven states have reported 1 case.The CDC recommends good hygiene when handling pet hedgehogs and says to avoid kissing or snuggling the animals. May 30 CDC update CDC records 2 new pediatric flu deaths, 1 variant H1N1 caseToday the CDC recorded 2 new pediatric deaths from influenza in its weekly FluView report, raising the 2018-2019 total to 113. The agency also notes an infection with a variant strain.The rate of influenza-like-illness (ILI) remained at 1.5%, well before the national baseline of 2.2%, signaling flu is circulating at low levels typically seen in summer months. All 10 regions reported ILI activity below their region-specific baseline levels.”CDC continues to recommend vaccination as long as flu viruses are circulating until all vaccine expires at the end of June and prompt antiviral treatment in people with flu symptoms who are very sick or who are at high risk of developing serious flu illness,” the CDC said in a summary statement last week.The CDC said the variant influenza A strain, H1N1v, was recorded in a patient in Michigan. The patient is older than 65, has no history of swine exposure, and has fully recovered. This is the first H1N1v case recorded in the United States in 2019. May 31 CDC FluView report May 24 CDC FluView summary  H1N2 seasonal flu reassortant infects Danish womanEuropean health officials recently reported a novel H1N2 infection in Denmark, a reassortment involving two seasonal flu strains: the 2009 H1N1 virus and H3N2. The original source of the report was the European Union Early Warning and Response System (EWRS), according to a post yesterday on Avian Flu Diary (AFD), an infectious disease news blog.The latest novel H1N2 case marks Europe’s third in just over a year; earlier cases were detected in March 2018 in the Netherlands and in February 2019 in Sweden.In the Danish case, the sample was collected on Apr 11 as part of routine surveillance. The patient is a 74-year-old unvaccinated woman who had traveled by plane to Croatia, then returned home after also visiting Bosnia and Herzegovina. Her symptoms began after returning to Denmark on Apr 7, and she was hospitalized on Apr 11. She was discharged on Apr 13. It’s not clear where she contracted the virus. No other cases have been detected in other contacts or fellow travelers.A genetic analysis of the novel H1N2 virus found that has a hemagglutinin gene from the 2009 H1N1 virus and a neuraminidase gene from H3N2. No evidence of coinfection was found.Last year, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said in a risk assessment that the reassortant H1N2 virus is similar to other seasonal flu viruses and that current seasonal flu vaccines are likely to offer some protection. It also said the virus doesn’t show any markers to suggest resistance to neuraminidase inhibitors.May 30 AFD post Feb 6 CIDRAP News scan “Rare H1N2 flu reassortant reported in Swedish adult” Mar 23, 2018, CIDRAP News scan “Dutch officials report reassortant seasonal flu H1N2 infection” Polio cases confirmed in Pakistan, SomaliaPakistan has two more wild poliovirus type 1 (WPV1) cases, and Somalia has one vaccine-derived polio case, according to the Global Polio Eradication Initiative’s (GPEI) latest weekly situation report today.Pakistan has now recorded 19 WPV1 case in 2019, an increase from 2018’s total of 12. The two most recent case-patients, from North Waziristan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, experienced symptom onset on May 3 and 5, respectively.In Somalia, the vaccine-derived case of circulating poliovirus type 2 (cVDPV2) was recorded in Togdher, with an onset of paralysis on Apr 22. This is the second cVDPV2 case recorded in Somalia this year.In addition to the three new cases, the GPEI also reported new positive environmental samples collected in Cameroon and Iran, but no associated cases of paralysis in those countries. May 31 GPEI report Almost 7,000 sickened with dengue in Honduran outbreakDoctors without Borders (MSF) is ramping up its efforts in Honduras, as the country has tallied 6,883 cases of dengue fever since the first of the year.Sixty-one percent of cases have been recorded in Honduras’s Cortes department, and the nearly 7,000 cases include 2,111 cases of severe dengue, MSF said in a press release.”The behaviour of this epidemic is unusual compared to previous dengue outbreaks,” says Deysi Fernandez, MD, MSF’s medical activity manager for the dengue response in Honduras. “This epidemic fluctuates, with a high number of cases some weeks and a decrease in other weeks.”MSF said it is engaging in community education and extensive mosquito control. May 29 MSF press releaselast_img read more

Daily Postcard: Snow Storm Hovers Over Los Alamos

first_imgDaily Postcard: View around noon Thursday on the way to Albuquerque showing a monster snow storm hovering over Los Alamos. Photo by Ken Hansonlast_img

Union Engineering acquires Wittemann

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‘Inflection point’ looms for top conveyancers

first_imgLarger players increasingly dominating conveyancing work may need to make ‘wholesale’ business changes to continue growing, according to a search company’s regular analysis of Land Registry data.Search Acumen’s latest market tracker, published today, shows more than 100,000 fewer transactions in the first nine months of this year compared with the equivalent period in 2016 (731,799 this year compared with 832,684 three years ago) – a fall it puts down to the ‘Brexit effect’.Despite this, conveyancing volumes have jumped by more than 10% between the second and third quarters of this year for the top 10 biggest conveyancers. The number of firms processing fewer than 50 transactions a month has fallen by 6% over the past three years while the top 1,000 players now control a record 75.6% of transaction activity.Andy Sommerville, Search Acumen director, comments that the drop in transactions since 2016 is an indicator of the ‘Brexit effect on an already cooling property market’. However, he says a tricky market had made clear how effectively large conveyancing firms are now able to win and retain business while ‘the days of the small, occasional conveyancer are over’.’But big firms have a physical limit to how much more market share they can gain. There’s only so many conveyancers they can hire to execute so many transactions in a month. We’re going to soon reach an inflection point where the top firms can’t grow without wholesale changes to how they do business,’ Sommerville said.To get bigger, larger firms need to think about ‘combining human and digital insights to a greater extent,’ Sommerville suggested. ‘They need to assess how many transactions they can currently process and investigate what they could be doing if they invested in better technology. Too many firms we speak to see technology as a “nice to have”. But it’s more than that now – technology investment is the key to getting ahead in a competitive climate.’last_img read more

Javelin thrower Čakšs wins competitions in Tallinn, Štrobinders triumphs in Jelgava

first_imgGatis Čakšs | Photo: Andrej ISAKOVIC / AFPLatvian javelin thrower Gatis Čakšs won an international athletics competition in Tallinn on Saturday, sending a javelin four times over 81 meters.The Latvian javelin was able to celebrate the victory with the first attempt, in which he threw the javelin 81.13 meters. The next two shots were 81.51 and 81.67 meters away, which was also Chaksa’s best result on Saturday.He missed the fourth series of shots, in the fifth he threw again more than 80 meters (81.45 meters), but in the last attempt his result is 78.69 meters.In Tallinn, the javelin thrower improved his season’s best result. This was the second start this week. On Wednesday, he fired a spear at a distance of 79.31 meters in a Finnish city.Erki Mitmans took the second place with the result 66.00 meters.On Saturday, in the international competition “Sportland” cup in athletics in Jelgava, the highest value among Latvians was given to javelin thrower Rolands Štrobinders, reports the Latvian Athletics Union (LVS).On Saturday, the last or third stage of the Sportland Cup in 2020 was held in Jelgava. Excellent weather conditions and intense competition helped to achieve good results. The competition took place throughout the day in 40 disciplines (adults – eight, juniors – five and youth – seven), and in all three age groups 38 of Latvia’s best results were achieved this year.According to the World Athletics Association’s (WA) discipline comparison tables, six results exceeded the 1000 point mark.For men, the result of Štrobinder in javelin throw 75.12 m is evaluated with 1032 points, but the Lithuanian Doviles Kilt 13.51 m long three-step jump – even with 1067 points.Junior Zane Zemīte in three steps (12.96 m), Evija Šēfere (11.94 seconds) and Māra Anna Zīverte (12.05 seconds) in the 100 meter sprint also beat the limit of 1000 points, as well as javelin thrower Arnolds Strenga with a new personal record – 73, 21 meters.last_img read more

What’s up with Beckham’s soccer stadium?

first_imgDelays plague stadium for MLS TeamCaribbean-American soccer enthusiasts are again concerned if the anticipated Major League Soccer (MLS) stadium to be built by English soccer star David Beckham in South Florida will be a reality.“We can’t get information on what is holding up commencement,” says West-Kendall soccer coach, Richard Bramwell, who led a grassroots campaign last year for the county to support the plan. “There’s significant potential from soccer as an organized sport in South Florida. The presence of the MLS team and the soccer stadium would be added incentive in seeing this potential realized.”In February, 2014, there was elation among soccer fans when Beckham, MLS officials, Miami-Dade and Miami officials jointly announced Beckham received approval to bring an MLS team to Miami.Since then, the Beckham Group, has experienced several delays in securing an appropriate stadium site. Last year after planning to build the stadium in conjunction with the Miami-Dade School District on lands close to the Florida Marlins Park in Miami, those plans were shelved to build the stadium on a 9-acre site in Overtown, based on agreements reached with Miami-Dade County.Attempts to obtain information from the Beckham Group as to the delay in commencing the building of the stadium have been fruitless. County officials said the work will commence soon, without offering a time frame for “soon.”However, according to reports the holdup is a result of the Beckham Group’s delay in agreeing to the county’s proposals in exchange for a parcel of three acres of land owned by the county to be included in the nine acres to build the stadium.The county’s proposal seeks the Beckham Groups commitment to paying market value for the land, employing local residents at the stadium, paying fines if these hiring targets are not met, benefits for stadium workers, and a package of benefits to boost Overtown’s economy. The county proposals also include a $1 million fine if the stadium isn’t built.David Beckham announces plans to bring MLS team toThe reports stipulate the proposed community-benefit package is the issue creating the delay in the agreement being finalized.“This is very frustrating,” said Bramwell. “I’m not privy to the issues that are delaying the building of the stadium, but hundreds of soccer enthusiasts, youth and adults, who are motivated by playing soccer are anticipating the MLS soccer in Miami. There’s significant gains and potential from soccer as an organized sport in South Florida. The presence of the MLS team and the soccer stadium would be added incentive in seeing this potential realized. Players and fans have been tantalized by this proposed MLS team and stadium for over two years. Either the stadium is going to be built and be a major boost to soccer in the region, or the plans are scrapped and let soccer fans and players deal with alternative reality.”last_img read more

Hope, Pooran, Hetmyer can inspire Windies revival: Holding

first_imgBRIDGETOWN, Barbados, CMC – West Indies legend Michael Holding has identified the batting trio of Nicholas Pooran, Shimron Hetmyer and Shai Hope as proof of the exceptional talent in the Caribbean, and believes they can serve as the catalyst for the regional side’s revival in coming years. Contending all three players were good enough to make any team in the world, Holding said their talents now needed to be harnessed properly and their focus enhanced, in order to transform them into genuine world class batsmen.“I see light at the end of the tunnel [for West Indies cricket] because I see talent and once there’s talent, there has to be light at the end of the tunnel,” Holding told Starcom Radio’s Mason and Guest cricket show.“It’s a matter now of whether we can garner that talent. If we can produce the best of that talent and then of course produce a good team, because individual talent isn’t going to go as far as a good team with a good team spirit and good management structure around that team.” He continued: “Anyone can look at teams and look at [players] and say ‘yeah, that guy looks as if he knows what he is doing’, and I can call three names immediately that I think have a lot of talent in the batting department – Pooran, Hetmyer, Hope.  “Is anyone going to tell me those three guys can’t bat? And there are others but I’m picking those three because I think those three are the most talented I’ve seen in the last two or three years.“Those guys have talent, it’s now a matter of garnering that talent and making sure these guys can exhibit the right discipline to get the best out of themselves, and I’m absolutely sure there are other youngsters in the Caribbean who can come around that nucleus and give us a good team. “When I look at cricketers, I look and see who among these guys I think could make other teams around the world. That’s how I look to see if we have talent, and those three guys I think could make most other teams around the world as batsmen.”The 26-year-old Hope has dominated the one-day format where he averages 52 from 78 matches with nine hundreds. Last year, he was one of the leading players, averaging 61 while scoring four hundreds.In 2017, he became the first batsman to score a hundred in each innings of any match at Leeds, in 118 years of first-class cricket at the storied venue. However, those centuries remain his only triple figure scores in Tests and he boasts a disappointing average of 27.Hetmyer, 22, has also made his mark in the one-day format with five hundreds and an average of 36, though he has found the longer game more challenging, with only five half-centuries and an average of 27.Fellow left-hander Pooran, 24, has enjoyed a purple patch in one-dayers where he averages 49 with a hundred and seven fifties. He has never played Tests. Holding, a well-respected television cricket analyst, also dismissed the often-levelled criticism of contemporary players that they lacked the quality of past greats. Rather, the Jamaican argued that the major difference now was the different social circumstances in which Caribbean players now found themselves.“I don’t think there’s something necessarily missing from the makeup of the current day cricketer [in comparison to] the makeup to the former cricketers, even before my time,” Holding contended.“I think it’s just a matter of the focus. I’m absolutely sure the great players who played before me, they were coming into a world and they wanted to impress upon the world the statue of the country and the islands they were representing.“[It was the] same thing in my era in the 70s, 80s. When we went to England, we were quite adamant that we were going to let the Caribbean people who lived in England be proud of us and [let them know] they represented something of significance.”He added: “That world has changed, not totally but it has changed a great deal where a Caribbean person now doesn’t necessarily have to think they have to prove to the rest of the world that he’s of worth. The pressure is not there to prove yourself so much now as before. “It is now just a matter of each individual having their own pride of performance … so I don’t think these guys are made up any different to us [past players] but are growing up in a different world and I think it is up to the people that employ them [to find] some way of impressing upon them that it (inspiring others) is still important, not just [performance] for their personal well-being.”last_img read more

Evan Holyfield wins pro debut after just 16 seconds

first_imgEvan Holyfield needed only 16 seconds to win his professional boxing bout on the blockbuster Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez-Sergey Kovalev undercard in Las Vegas.Watch the Canelo Alvarez-Sergey Kovalev fight on DAZN Amid the growing anticipation for the mouth-watering WBO light-heavyweight showdown, Evander Holyfield’s 22-year-old son made a sensational bow in Saturday’s middleweight fight.The son of all-time cruiserweight and heavyweight great Evander, Evan Holyfield delivered a devastating knockout to beat Nick Winstead at MGM Grand. Holyfield was aggressive from the outset and sent Winstead down to the canvas with a powerful left hook before referee Robert Hoyle immediately stepped in and stopped the fight.Evan Holyfield wins his pro-debut via first-round stoppage. #WatchOnDAZN— DAZN USA (@DAZN_USA) November 3, 2019″It was such a blessing to be able to showcase my talent on the card like this and God bless us all,” Evan Holyfield said.”I was just expecting to box and I just went out there and did my job. I was zoned in and God just had me.”last_img read more

From the WannaCry ransomware attack that resonated

first_imgFrom the WannaCry ransomware attack that resonated across the globe, to the massive Equifax breach and series of security mistakes that followed, 2017 saw a major uptick in cyberattacks, with no signs of slowing down.While each incident was unique, they all highlighted the complexity of applying security at scale. Wrangling the vast number of servers, applications and endpoints a large organization has is difficult, and while attackers only have to find one flawed system to create a breach, defenders need to get them all right. Fortunately, in the last decade we finally learned how to properly deal with large scale systems – by embracing DevOps. Can we apply the culture, process and technology changes DevOps modeled to make security scale? Here are my top 5 predictions 2018, marking it as a pivotal year for the DevSecOps movement:1. Digital transformation initiatives will start including security transformation.Over the last few years, many enterprises have been heavily investing in modernizing their technology platforms, looking to dramatically accelerate the pace of development and level of innovation. These companies understand that if you don’t move fast, you’ll be left behind, and are willing to adapt their processes, software and even culture to keep up with the times. These projects focus on accelerating development, and often overlook the implications for their security practices. However, using security gates in a continuous development process or expecting dev to handle security without the proper tools will simply not work.As these initiatives roll out in earnest during 2018, outdated security practices will clash with modern development, causing development slowdowns and security “close calls”. Companies will learn to appreciate this concern, invest in understanding how their security activity must change, and incorporate these changes into their digital transformation initiatives.2. Dev tools & Cloud platforms will start differentiating on application security.From the infamous Java Struts vulnerability, to malicious packages in Python and JavaScript, 2017 dramatically raised the level of (justified!) paranoia developers feel regarding their application’s security. Responding to this need, we’ve seen GitHub incorporate basic vulnerability testing, Google & Microsoft flag vulnerable libraries in their dev tools, and Heroku and Atlassian highlight security in their marketplaces. In 2018, the leading dev tools and cloud platforms will invest much more in helping developers build more secure applications. These companies will start highlighting those capabilities, using security as a differentiator in increasingly commoditized spaces, especially for the coveted enterprise customers. 3. A cloud player will be a security tooling provider. At least one cloud platform will acquire a significant player in the security space. In part, it will do so because acquiring and integrating security capabilities into the cloud platform is a faster and stronger way to differentiate in its market. In addition, an existing standalone security solution will help penetrate customers using a competing cloud platform, growing the buyer’s reach. Moreover, while security acquisitions tend to focus exclusively on revenue, this acquisition will better resemble a dev tooling company acquisition. This means developer mindshare, reach and broad usage will carry substantial weight in the chosen target – and the price it will command.4. Open source security will become a CSO level issue. The monumental Equifax breach serves as a painful example of many security mistakes, but none are as grave as open source security. The breach – and the following commentary – clearly demonstrated companies must effectively track and handle vulnerabilities in the open source components they consume. In 2018, many security officers will have a clear goal of “not being the next Equifax”, including a clear focus on tackling open source security. Given the nature of this problem, securing open source will require changes in people, process and technology, and help move forward a DevSecOps approach. 5. Security companies will finally start investing in developers. The growing attention to security by developer focused companies has a significant impact on the security provider market. Cloud and application security companies have consistently failed to get true developer adoption, but succeeded in selling to security teams later in the process. If developers start using tools that address their security needs earlier in the dev process, a downstream security company may never get a chance to engage! As a result, I expect security companies to invest heavily in the developer experience in 2018. You’ll see more security companies at developer events, more online tools offering self-serve, though narrow, point solutions, and more UI changes favoring the developer’s role. As with any change, most of those attempts will fail, but the average security tool developer experience will improve. Those are just the highlights of what I’m sure will be an exciting year, carrying its fair share of breaches – but also the first true signs of making security scale.last_img read more

MAKING THE KIT A heavyduty yet light duffel bag

first_imgMAKING THE KITA heavy-duty, yet light, duffel bag. If you have a backpack you are no longer using, this can work. Ultimately, you want a bag that is large enough to carry the necessary items, but not be filled. Browse the list of recommended items below and determine what you must buy and what you already have.Copy of passportCopy of driver’s licenseMedication list & extra medsCopy of insurance card / policiesBank account recordsPictures of your family (including pets) for identification when separatedCashFamily communication plan / meeting placeBottled waterA mechanical (charcoal filter) or chemical (most commonly iodine) method of water purification. Iodine lends a bitter taste to water, but mechanical purifiers consume more space in your pack.Non-perishable food (granola bar, energy bar)Can opener for food (if kit contains canned food)Battery operated flashlight and extra batteriesBattery-powered or hand crank radio and a NOAA weather radio with tone alert and extra batteries for bothPet-care suppliesInfant-care suppliesElder-care SuppliesToiletriesHand sanitizerFirst-aid kitTissuesMoist towelettes, garbage bags and plastic ties for personal sanitationWhistleRegional mapClothingBlanketsFirst aid kitWhistle to signal for helpDust masks to help filter contaminated airPlastic sheeting and duct tape to shelter-in-placeWrench or pliers to turn off utilitiesCell phone with chargersA Swiss Army Knife as they are small, light and come with a use for various different tasks.Put items in re-sealable plastic bags to ensure they stay dry in the event of a flood. Store the bag in a safe place where it can be accessed quickly.TIPS:Make arrangements for places to stay well ahead of time. Make a deal: If there’s an emergency/evacuation, they can come to your home or you to theirs. Crashing on someone’s sofa or camping in their yard is infinitely preferable to a public shelter.Pay attention to the news. If there is a fire burning nearby, or violent weather coming, consider staging a few things in boxes to be ready for an evacuation. Consider evacuating BEFORE it is mandatory, and you’ll have a much better time compared to people who wait until everyone else is leaving and get stuck with traffic and shortages.Consider well ahead of time what you’d take if you had a day’s notice, a couple of hours notice to pack the car, or five minutes notice to evacuate. Make a plan and a checklist.If you have to take medications, make sure you keep them all in one place and can sweep them into the go bag without any searching. Refill your prescriptions before you’re nearly out of them.Continue to follow NEW Health for more health and wellness tips and information. A “Go Bag” is a basic collection of items needed to take with you in an emergency, including communication tools, identification, clothing, toiletries, food and water, tools and medical supplies.You never know when disaster is going to strike. Preparing for various potential emergencies can be stressful, so you should edit the bag to your needs based on the environment in which you live. It is always best to keep things compartmentalized in case you have to shelter in place and then later evacuate. You should consider a “go bag” as a last-resort cache and resist the temptation to raid your bag when you need something on a non-emergency basis.*Advertisement*last_img read more