SpaceXs New Crew Capsule Will Carry a Fake Astronaut for Its Test

first_img SpaceX is getting ready for its upcoming Crew Dragon test flight: On March 2, SpaceX’s new capsule for astronauts will send a fake dummy to the International Space Station (ISS).The six-day test flight, which is set to launch on Saturday, will lift off from Florida and dock at the ISS on Sunday, Associated Press reported. However, this test flight won’t be sending humans to space: Instead, the Crew Dragon will carry a mannequin so SpaceX can see if the capsule is safe enough for astronaut transport.SpaceX’s new crew capsule was designed to keep passengers safe and comfortable on space journeys. The new capsule, which will launch atop a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, contains three windows, four seats, computer touch screens, and life-support systems. Solar cells are located on the spacecraft, while eight engines are built into the capsule’s walls for rocket malfunction emergencies.Crew Dragon and Falcon 9 rolled out to the launch pad ahead of the spacecraft’s first test flight. Liftoff targeted for 2:49 a.m. EST on March 2— SpaceX (@SpaceX) February 28, 2019The “fake astronaut” will also take a ride in the new capsule. For the test flight, it will carry 450 pounds of gear and supplies, and be dressed in a sleek, white SpaceX spacesuit that real astronauts will wear for future missions. The dummy will also be rigged with sensors, so SpaceX can see how it fairs on its ISS-bound journey. However, the capsule can fit more than one cosmonaut: It’s designed to transport up to four astronauts at a time.When the capsule arrives at the ISS, three ISS astronauts will enter the Crew Dragon, take out the supplies and place them on board, and then fill it with old equipment and some science samples. On March 8, the capsule will undock from the ISS and travel back to Earth. It’s expected to parachute into the Atlantic Ocean, which will be a couple of hundred miles off Florida’s coast.Stream the Crew Dragon test flight on NASA’s website and SpaceX’s website.More on Clears SpaceX Crew Dragon March 2 Test Flight to Space StationSpaceX Delays Its First Crew Dragon Flight Until March 2SpaceX Is ‘About a Month Away’ From Frist Crew Dragon Demo Flight ESA Satellite Avoids Potential Collision With SpaceX Starlink CraftSpaceX’s Starhopper Aces Final Test Flight in Texas Stay on targetlast_img read more