New station, how should you promote your website

as a new station, no IP, no PR, no ranking, new sites do a few days at most will be a few big search engine included, but no ranking. So what do you do? I read this article is in the money didn’t go down, if you have the money that you don’t have to continue to look down, because of the money, you can buy Links, buy advertising position, please help your website to do SEO, or even to do for advertising.

these days I wondered how to promote my station, because my station is the beginning of a studio template, not how to update the template, later changed to download station, because before Baidu update later to also not hard-working, many days later still was only included 13 articles, but GOOGLE have my station are included almost, but with GOOGLE’s less than Baidu. What I do now is to update every day, silently waiting to be included in Baidu normal. These days have passed, but I can’t wait, I don’t have the Baidu station development, I have to find another way. read more

The five elements of website and the five taboos of promotion

Most of the first things

does is consider search engines, and then consider site planning and design. Even said that the search engine is the value of your platform, if your website content, structure, procedure, column, classification, site name all do the one and only, then you enter the market have been successful in half.

1, website location:

first of all, how to plan, how to do, what functions, what can be achieved, what would like to make the station?. To reasonable allocation of their time, maintenance, operation, friendship links. Capital investment, technology, server resources should be straightened out. Want to be more specific, do unique, content is unique. Like the station.

two, site user

website must be aimed at users like, according to the Baidu index to do keywords, at least to do keywords investigation. read more

Webmaster construction industry website growth notes two

Preface: in August 2nd, I did a summary of the stage. Since there are few narrative articles, the last one is written in a mess, and it is estimated that few people except the relevant person can understand it. Since the growth of a written note, there is no way to continue, want to go on the road, especially the site construction industry to help some friends.

in the construction industry webmaster growth notes, I mainly introduced myself from the University began to determine the target. It took about two years to reach the two stage goal, and changed the three screen name, as well as the psychological activity since that time. This article will mainly introduce my experience and experience of establishing the construction industry network since I resigned from Dalian.

resigned from Dalian and returned to Changchun. It was supposed to be in July 7, 2008. A lot of things happen a month back in the family, now in retrospect, I often can not help to think of these things is not smooth because of my bad luck, the influence of the family or because sometime? Want more useless, three Heaven, seven by hard work. It is not my character, to work hard, citing a few days ago when a tourist attractions "tour pal" engraved in the sentence: "it is not a thing!" (speech: dasvgufua Nabaichuan chest, only can hold more things, and optimistic enough, personally think that this is one of the basic way to Ruth read more

Take time for search engine is not included or included reducing the situation

hair are often collected too much, we met a serious foul, usually more is no longer included, or included reduced, encountered such a situation is really simple, is the most important day continuously updated several original.

follows an analysis of several different periods:

experience 1: initial link building

1. new sites do, find 3~5 friends exchange links, as long as 3~5 enough.

2. do not pay attention to each other’s PR and correlation, as long as the other side often updated, did not cheat, included good, you can.

experience two: use popular forums:

1. popular forum, the theme for the night, to modify, add links (then owner rest), the more the better


2. to Baidu post, pay attention to moderate. (my experience is the morning to go, why it slept shellfish, and then the spiders are more diligent, do not go too hot post, post sinking fast. In the latest post, followed by a reply, add a connection) read more

Why is the foreign trade electricity supplier stuffy sound, big money business


had been widely reported by the media in 2010, the foreign trade supplier, but then one or two years in the quiet muffled sound of money. Many outsiders do not even know how foreign trade providers in the end, and those big money companies are reluctant to be exposed to this blue ocean.

foreign trade electricity supplier profits, many people can not imagine, a few dollars of the cost of things can be sold over ten dollars in the United states. In the early trading of foreign trade, a cost of one hundred yuan of things can be sold to more than 100 U. s.dollars, or even more.

in the end why foreign trade business is a big business? What makes these foreign trade business are not willing to see the light, most people would prefer to domestic are not aware of its existence, even if people in the industry, many people do not know. Let Xiaobian make you a little easier to popularize: read more

Talking about Google sandbox and dropping power

, SEO, Google sandbox and drop rights

SEO cheats all kinds of ways, and GOOGLE punishment site in a variety of ways. For example, there are many friends who don’t know much about SEO and wonder whether the site is in the GOOGLE sandbox or punished by GOOGLE.

because, GOOGLE sandbox and drop power of these two algorithms, more or less somewhat similar, are unable to find rankings or rankings and back. However, the two algorithms are only a penalty method for GOOGLE, and sandbox is not a penalty for GOOGLE.

article on the GOOGLE sandbox:

for GOOGLE sandbox mechanism do not know friend, can read our site in the above article.

site was GOOGLE drop penalty for the main performance is:

keyword ranking download, perhaps a web site itself, many keywords Google ranking is in the first page. But after being Google down the right punishment, many website keywords from the first page of the rankings have dropped ten pages, dozens of pages or even disappeared. read more

How does the stationmaster protect his original content

network transmission is the quickest way to share out the hope to bring help to others, and I hope you can find like-minded owners to communicate the development of search engine changes can be seen in the search engine is very love original content, so many owners began the road for the website editor is to give your site added quality content. The natural quality content many people reproduced, reproduced the original we do is a must, but many of them have a large number of people, we will write out the head and tail of the webmaster hard to change, make your own web site claimed that the original site, but there are still many pseudo original, enthusiasm seriously against the original author. Fantasy SEO also encountered these problems, Rhapsody before SEO wrote a plan to do before the site will be reproduced, but did not indicate the source. The title was changed, the source address is deleted, and claimed that the original, more angry is playing the title even in Baidu and GOOLE before three pages to find their own website. read more

From Baidu included new sites, talk about the pragmatic spirit of the station

I’ve been in touch with the website for five years, but now I really have a website of my own. Since I was a sophomore, I have been fascinated by website production, so I learned the techniques of making websites by myself during the period of effectiveness. From the front desk design to the program, I study myself. I set up technology is considered, after graduation want to operate a website, usually I also often webmaster network learning website management skills. It has been two years since the idea of a web site was built on my first site (hip-hop online: Only for so long is it because I "want to do more, do less, lack of practical spirit", which is a mistake for many beginners. Below I want to pass my new station by Baidu collection experience to talk about "pragmatic" importance. read more

How do you get your blog to bring traffic to your site


in the optimization of the time often have such a goal, IP can achieve much, so we started doing some of the chain through the blog, hope to be able to increase the weight of the site, improve the site keywords ranking, in fact, our blog can also bring to our website traffic, it is required to do


wants to let the blog bring traffic to the site is that you need to establish the correlation between blog and website content, but also to optimize your blog, improve the popularity of the blog, so that it can give site bring good traffic.

1, first of all, the domain name of the blog is related to the topic

for the blog, the majority of the adoption of the two level domain name, blog official name / own blog name, relying on the blog’s master station, included is very fast. Consider the blog’s operations, so try to choose the key word when choosing the domain name. read more

can’t detect the gold on the nternet

recently met two friends, decided to quit from the Internet industry, and transferred to the traditional industry, I feel very pity. As a matter of fact, I am now engaged in the third pioneering undertaking. I feel very difficult due to the great economic environment this year. This period of time, often with friends to explore the network industry, looking for the current predicament of the crack method. Now let’s talk about the reality of my two friends and talk about the key to the problem.

is my first friend in the car website, chat some time ago when he told me he’s not done, ready to sell a car (to work), he said that the network is not good, may not be suitable for him. After chatting for a long time, I found that he was biased in his Internet thinking and consciousness. First of all, I’m still interested in this friend, every day professional maintenance of the site and update, but one day he checked, Baidu put his site to block, and make him very anxious, also confused. By the temptation of some people, he began to brush money that kind of mutual point, he completely gave up his original stop. From chatting with him, I can find that his idea of doing Internet is that he can come to a lot of money in a very short time. In fact, this is the idea of doing the internet. It is impossible to make thousands of things at once, and the Internet needs to be accumulated. Of course there are friends to talk about the Internet that you see 55BBS once sent 51 of it, all of a sudden hair, but they haven’t seen this suffering in the hair before is how painful, these friends only see the harvest time didn’t see the time of sowing. read more