Many initiatives to promote the standardization of handling cases

This year, the West District People’s Procuratorate in order to carry out the special rectification activities as an opportunity to standardize judicial behavior, strengthen the case of multi management, and constantly promote the standardization of law enforcement, and achieved some success.In the case of

in addition, were evaluated through the organization of major business department for the 2013 to 2014 to the case, the focus on twelve problems in regulating judicial conduct special rectification work, from the admissibility of evidence, the facts and applicable law and procedures such as in-depth search for non-standard problems exist in the process of the case. Through the combination of the people’s Procuratorate case information network online booking, reservation desk case management, ensure the lawyer appointment without blind spots, set up specialized lawyers rooms, equipped with full-time receptionist, ensure each link reservation application, marking the meeting to receive materials, such as seamless, provide "one-stop" services for lawyers.  

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