The two books of the publishing house of our province have been supported by the national publicatio

March 18th, reporters from the provincial press and Publication Bureau learned, published in the 2016 annual national day prior to the announcement of the fund project, four books two press in our province to obtain the national publication fund, which is in our province in recent years to get a project supported by the most.

national publishing fund is a major permanent fund set up by the Ministry of finance, the State Press and Publication Administration of radio and television to support the country’s major publishing projects. Four books two press in the province selected are: Qinghai national press "traditional Tibetan decorative pattern Daquan" (Chinese, Cang Wen), Qinghai people’s Publishing House "metric Thangka limited liability company" (Chinese, Cang Wen), "sage wedding" (upper and lower volumes), "the classic of ancient Tibetan Medicine four" (Chinese, Cang Wen).

Provincial Cultural Office of press and publication of press and Publication Management Office Director Zhao party should be introduced in recent years, the provincial press and publication department organized the publishing unit of in-depth research, to further strengthen the awareness of production quality, carefully improve planning topics, based on the history and culture of our province’s rich cultural resources, rich, determine the quality planning and publishing ideas, published a number of masterpieces. In 2015, the province’s book publishing work, published 437 kinds of blue book, audio and video electronic publications of the 41 kinds of books to obtain more than the district level awards in.


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