The most popular 100 thousand yuan venture in 2014

recently, with the upsurge of entrepreneurial enthusiasm after the year, more and more friends to consult us what are the appropriate 100 thousand yuan venture. Today, Xiaobian to collect 100 thousand yuan venture several promising, we may wish to take a look!

10 million venture – manual leather shop, and the paradise:
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10 million venture – adult model shop, many of the world model:

1) – Investment: 15-30 million; 2) investment form: non franchise; 3) store area: 40-60 square meters; 4) store rent: lots of different, can be controlled in 10 thousand yuan / month; 5 location: convenient transportation, investment) with higher consumption of community or commercial area and near the school; 6) consumer groups: Hobby Model men, from junior high school students to white-collar workers; 7) investment payback period: 1 years.

10 million venture – Apparel flavoring and design, leading the fashion:

10 million venture – fashion house, Ambilight:

1) "the · the" full of vigor and vitality: Mr. Chen, investigate the market, choose the brand, and ultimately selected Shanghai "Thyolo &mi>

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