Alipay to open the third party payment account system to counter WeChat


to open the third party payment account system to counter WeChat (TechWeb pictures)

you have a good, I have a wall ladder. WeChat paid sharpening, Alipay also accelerate the upgrading of products. Recently, Alipay wallet Android version 7.1 update, began a comprehensive open account system to third party applications, and adding proper red balance treasure service.

balance treasure extends mobile terminal

The balance of value-added services "balance of treasure"

Alipay jointly launched with Celestica fund raised public attention. Alipay users in the purchase of funds transferred to the balance of treasure, Celestica fund increase liberty money fund, you can visually see the benefits of financial products, the balance of treasure funds can also be used for online shopping consumer or transferred to Alipay balance at any time.

from the balance of treasure on the line, there is always a user in the mobile phone client hopes to join the balance of treasure function in order to view the proceeds at any time." Ali small and micro financial group of domestic business group president Fan Zhiming believes that this marks the beginning of the mobile Internet banking.

he further said that the balance of treasure extends to the mobile terminal, will be very beneficial to many of the two or three line and three or four line city users can enjoy the financial services, "first-tier cities users of the management concept has been very popular, but many of the three or four line of the city’s users are still relatively unfamiliar, especially in the absence of network operating conditions next, money is far away from them, and the mobile phone into the balance of treasure, so they can spread to help whenever and wherever possible financial, financial ideas".

account system fully open

After a

version of mobile phone Alipay launched the "wallet" concept, has become the new direction of the payment industry. In the new version of Alipay wallet, combined with many third party applications, also let Alipay wallet to get rid of the dull image payment tool, the transformation into the mobile internet life circle.

Ali small micro finance group wireless division operations director Fan Chi introduction, according to the different features of the new wallet is divided into four sections, and throughout the open account concept. For example, the first screen "Alipay" regional new access to third party applications’ Application Center ", when a user login application through the built-in Alipay wallet, you can directly call the user’s Alipay account, eliminating the registration procedure. At the same time, when the user needs to pay in these applications, will also directly call the Alipay account information for quick payment, more convenient and more secure."

It is reported that the current

application, Alipay wallet has access to the Tintin, iReader etc..


is the first open after the payment, and has 800 million registered Alipay account, the account system to the third party application open, on the mobile Internet shock than WeChat. Some analysts believe that this is likely to benefit a large number of developers in the field of mobile internet. Similar to the ‘balance treasure’ effect Celestica fund positive, once subject to >

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