A5 submit a site certification study opportunity

recently, Chinese Internet association, the national Internet Emergency Center issued a "Chinese website development and security report in Beijing (2014)", the report shows the current China Internet has 3 million 500 thousand websites: sponsor nearly 2 million 817 thousand. Of which about 2 million 265 thousand enterprise sites, the share of nearly 70%. With the development of the Internet, more and more companies began to pour into the Internet, and the foundation of the Internet – individual owners have begun to gradually transition, the site towards the scale, the direction of upgrading of enterprises. The increase in the number of sites and then bring more security issues, how to ensure the security of the site, so that users trust, the most important work of the current corporate website.

enterprise website development is urgently needed to ensure the security of the site

to ensure the safety of the site, get the information of the Internet users, in addition to strengthening security, the most important thing is to put an end to fake sites, malicious phishing sites caused harm to users. If the phishing sites, malicious websites means more and more brilliant, through the domain name, web pages, false record users to engage in "Li Kui", "Li Gui" does not know, and as the journey to the West and Sun Wukong, and even some enterprise website itself can the false attainments. In this form, the third party website authentication has become the best way to identify the authenticity of the Internet site.

Site safety certification

the third party, North dragon net, Chinese electronic certification service industry alliance (hereinafter referred to as the authentication and security alliance alliance) three, the three North dragon net seniority, website authentication mainly through the use of CN domain name management CNNIC. However, the certification of the display is relatively backward, just add the certification icon at the bottom of the site, it is easy to be false. The alliance China electronic certification service industry (referred to as certification Union) is inaugurated in 2011 the Ministry of industry, composed of professional institutions by the National more than and 30 qualified electronic certification service and related enterprises, aims to promote the electronic signature and electronic authentication. Security alliance was established in 2012, the members of Baidu, Tencent, Jinshan and Beijing know Chong Yu Information Technology Co., ltd.. Certification alliance and security alliance can be displayed in the browser address bar smart site identification mark, a higher safety factor.

A5: submit a site certification study opportunity for

in order to ensure that the owners of the enterprise and the safety of the site, the A5 is combined with an authentication station network ( http://s.trustutn.org/) to carry out site safety certification activities, site security certification by completing the recommended A5 code, in addition to the enjoyment of the site safety certification service provided by the security certification, can also get the A5 webmaster study section of the website recommendation service, and in the A5 home page prominently display.

activity details:

by the science and technology website certification by the China Electronic Certification Service Industry Alliance (hereinafter referred to as the certification alliance) launched the website entity identity authentication service, to ensure that the certified website >

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