Li Kaifu Mobile nternet dividend disappeared

held on the weekend of the 12 anniversary celebration of Yajie chamber of Commerce, innovation works chairman and CEO Li Kaifu on the innovation trend nowadays speech. Li Kaifu said in his speech, the mobile Internet era has passed, the next stage of the great start-up companies increasingly need to have the advantages of core technology.

Li Kaifu believes that the early investors in fact, the Internet is already in the second half, early investors have to look at other areas. The second half of the definition is that when the user is saturated, the mobile Internet dividends in the past. There will certainly be a lot of mobile APP in the future, but from the point of view of investors must look at those who face the most tuyere, the highest growth rate of the company.

innovation works are now looking for new track, now the main investment should be up to the field of artificial intelligence, including big data to unmanned robotics; then the field of culture and entertainment, and education, O2O, B2B and enterprise software. These have not yet reached the second half or the end of the game state.

Li Kaifu also stressed that as a great company’s CEO should have several characteristics: to be responsible for leading the company’s culture and strategy, to find the most consistent with the company’s strategy, to make the company become the most powerful.

for the talents, Li Kaifu the following are a few suggestions: first, that CEO should spend a lot of time in recruiting personnel; second, do not meet the cultural staff can not be on top, but the employees do not mean your shares; finally, the wise man, how would you like to be on the management. How to manage them, let every man be trusted enough.

below is the full text of Li Kaifu’s speech:

thank you, I am very happy to return to the stage of AMAA, today my topic is "what should we learn from Silicon Valley". We have seen a lot of great companies in the country, but really do not like Googel, Tesla, apple and other companies like we do not have enough confidence.

what’s the difference between China’s entrepreneurship and Silicon Valley? That’s what I want to talk about today. In order to pursue this answer, I took our entrepreneurs to the United States this year at the beginning of the Silicon Valley, almost eight days, where a lot of reading a lot of learning.

said today it is the content of my speech, in fact not, after we come back to our Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, everyone wrote a 2000 word speech, we extracted from the contents inside, this is the contents of my speech today, is the total US entrepreneurs.

in Silicon Valley, we took all the entrepreneurs to our idle away in seeking pleasure at maximum harvest, but there is not a day but we idle away in seeking pleasure, very full schedule is from 8 in the morning to dinner. We see a lot of top scientists, entrepreneurs, CEO in the United States, from the company’s top talent, and they have the opportunity to contact.


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