Brand war Sniper old godmother how to win the people

lead: old godmother in front, and the old mother in the. The same business, similar to the brand story, but the old godmother has the 5 yuan business to the value of 3 billion 700 million, while the "LGD" still little-known.


, the old mother, old woman, son…… Since the old godmother, "old X" began to old godmother’s fame flooded the market.

For example, the "

". But what is it? A lot of people can make nothing of it, but deja vu.

often when we go to the supermarket to buy old godmother sauce, just like the bundling business put a sales and old godmother. Subconsciously, we think that the product is a series of old godmother, or old godmother "beak", as everyone knows, although they are in the same city, but both irrelevant and even feel irreconcilable hatred.

When the

meets the old godmother, is a peer or "friend"


in essence, the two brands have a lot in common, can be said to be the twin brothers". Brand positioning, both with chilli as raw materials, specializing in the production of spices. It is obvious that there is no need to elaborate. But as everyone knows the brand story, and good product needs a good story, and the story of the old godmother seemed to come from the same writers, is very similar, but not a coincidence.


did not create the old godmother brand, Tao Huabi in Guiyang city Nanming District Longdongbao street, put a roadside stall, monopoly jelly and cold. Because the price is cheap, especially in components, but I have difficulty student Tao Huabi is not money, the students affectionately known as "old godmother". This is the source of the old godmother brand story.

As for the

, the predecessor of Guiyang Liuhua hotel. According to the "general manager Deng Chengli said that in the last century at the beginning of 80s, due to one of the teachers is often referred to as" the customer "so named.

the same business, the same story, the brand name is only one word, but not relatives". A mountain, and the old godmother melee inextricably involved will be expected.

in early 2002, Guiyang "old godmother" just settle Hunan "old godmother", and then a paper petition to the court, accused by the old godmother in the name of the market big marketing, products and even the name of the old godmother footsteps.

even in the local market and supermarket, the old and placed a godmother to sales, even making "relatives", its purpose is to confuse the brand, to mislead consumers.


, the two sides continued fighting two brands because of trademark for lawsuit disputes, strike violently, fratricide has spread for decades. But now, the old godmother has the 5 yuan business to the value of 3 billion 700 million, the still little-known, with "copycat"

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