How WeChat was born an email from Zhang Xiaolong to Ma Huateng


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this is the Tencent’s internal review, the real super dry cargo. The author goes deep into the WeChat team, focusing on the birth and improvement of WeChat products, from the aspects of product development, team work, brand promotion, process and so on. Take you to understand the real WeChat.

"the world is new." – Zhang Xiaolong Allen Zhang, vice president of Tencent, general manager of Guangzhou R & D department

March 29, 2012, WeChat’s number of users exceeded one hundred million. Let the number of users grew from zero to one hundred million, micro credit for 433 days. At the same time, in the 10 floor of the Guangzhou Southern communications building, WeChat team members are working to celebrate the number of millions of millions of special events and work.

at 10 o’clock on March 31, 2012, special events on the line. As long as the landing, the user can see a two-dimensional code on the screen. With their own WeChat scan the two-dimensional code, the user can know that he is the first registered WeChat. For an ordinary user, the whole process of the activities of the experience appears to be some magic, WeChat product director Lake described it as an "off the shelf"". The programme of activities is the WeChat team 3 in the morning, 4 o’clock when eating out, in the morning to discuss product ideas on this team is not unusual. They don’t want to celebrate with iPad, they want to "toss" something new.

is now less than a year and a half away from WeChat’s idea of the project. October 2010, a Kik named App on the line for 15 days on the harvest of 1 million users and cause concern in the industry. Kik is based on a mobile phone address book to achieve free SMS Chat applications. Tencent Guangzhou R & D department and Zhang Xiaolong, general manager of the Department of research and development of its Tencent noted that the rapid rise of Kik Allen.

one night, when he was looking at the Kik class of software, an idea: the mobile Internet will have a new IM in the future, and this new IM is likely to pose a great threat to QQ. He thought about one or two hours later, wrote an e-mail to Tencent CEO Ma Huateng Pony, suggesting that Tencent do this piece of thing. Pony quickly responded to the message by saying that it was a piece of advice. Allen then proposed to the Pony R & D Department of Guangzhou to undertake the development of the project. "Anyway, it’s a research, no one knows what will happen in the future," Allen recalls. "The whole process started at one or two hours, and suddenly a wrong nerve was written."

(Tencent) Guangzhou R & D department and Zhang Xiaolong’s

March 2005, Tencent acquired a well-known e-mail client Foxmail. Foxmail founder Zhang Xiaolong and R & D team of more than 20

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