Nora, thunder or PPTV Who did PPS sell next



April 22, 2010, Qiyi (later renamed Iqiyi) to meet with users;

June 1, 2010, cool 6 network backdoor listing;

August 12, 2010, LETV A shares listed;

December 8, 2010, Youku listed on the New York stock exchange;

July 20, 2011, originally scheduled for the NASDAQ IPO thunder suddenly decided to suspend the listing;

August 17, 2011, Nasdaq appeared potato figure;

September 27, 2011, everyone announced the acquisition of 56 nets;

March 12, 2012, Youku potatoes merger;

The acquisition of

in March 28, 2012, know-all funshion stake;

April 10, 2012, the Commission documents show that the storm to seek domestic listing;

November 2, 2012, Baidu acquisition of Iqiyi held by the Providence capital shares of American private equity company;

April 25, 2013, multi source confirmed that Baidu acquired PPS.

network video is an important way of online entertainment, ten years, the industry has spawned a lot of climate team. However, most of these teams are still facing the pressure of profit or difficulties, coupled with favorable demographic dividend disappeared, some strong team has been eliminated, there are also some teams through listing, acquisition and found its way.

we see from above this is not a complete schedule, the video industry increasingly fierce competition raging like a storm. The growth process of entrepreneur have combed several video client in the video client "Twilight" in the text, we might as well as combining with these growth record, try to explore the existing network video pattern, those who have not yet made the choice team will decide on what path to follow.

storm video: Miss online video, is expected to A shares listed

Feng Xin now clearly remember a data in 2007: the local video and online play market share is about 3:1. However, this ratio has been a serious upside down 1:9. The local play market is shrinking, and the general trend is expected to go, in 2007, launched an online video broadcast storm. "But we made mistakes online, not in the wrong direction, but in the wrong timing." Feng Xin said to the entrepreneur.

Feng Xin believes that a fool user needs to open a player to see all the programs you want. Therefore, the storm is ready to join the online watch video features, >

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