Who will break the profit dilemma led by traffic

      the pursuit of unlimited flow of amplification, is not the number of times we failed too much, let us sink too deep, has come to think seriously about the time.

when the Internet industry is no longer decided to flow to the stage of life and death of the site, it should be said that the industry has evolved a great ecological.

Internet practitioners have a habit, or of such types of data to the point of view is a fascinating, ALEXA ranking (Alexa Rank 100ceo.com); the two is statistically independent of IP number, PV number, the number three is a member of the PR value. But the love out for something or "flow" the popular words.

I’m afraid in writing this hour, traffic data many webmaster are viewing your site. These data, not only let too many small webmaster worried, let too many Internet executives do not put, but also focus on the high up in the field of Internet investor heart. Such an analogy, the site is like a horse, the rider is flow hand hold the whip, if it is a good rider, and is the seat of a good horse, the horse is not whiplash, also run fast; but if the rider and mount both a defect, is replaced or replaced, whiplash mounts the rider became necessary, but no matter what kind of situation, in the heart, there is always that whip there, as the site, traffic is always a "lifeline".


has appeared not to rely on the website traffic can also be made of listed companies, such as Ctrip, but is there such a phenomenon, many people began to study how to obtain high returns through accurate service, and to avoid traffic on the chariot, endless run, run after, but found only a little bonus.


is like chicken ribs, tasteless gesture, and insipid, practitioners are lengnuanzizhi personal sorrow and joy. How to break this continuation of ten years of the "Regulations", and can open up more like Ctrip that no longer rely on Web traffic and achieve segments and industry scale profitable, is worth thinking and practice. Around this idea, nowadays, there are several applications worthy of attention.

is an e-commerce, but also to go with Taobao C2C platform, such as Alibaba B2B platform is not the same road. Of course, it is necessary to work with specific industries, and people’s real life closely linked, and profit model to be clear.

to do high-end customers, to do the target customers in the field of expertise, the precise positioning of the target group, to provide acceptable products and services in the price range, gain. Operation of the key itself is not placed in the flow and ranking, do platform and services for precise customer groups, this platform is no longer a common sense of "I set up the stage, the virtual network for you.", but has become one part of the service combination system, such as:

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