Steal Taobao Tmall traffic The court stopped to help buy 5, this gray industrial chain of the hand

October 26th, Shanghai City Intermediate People’s Court of Pudong New Area bursts of two civil award, to help 5 buy website ( to immediately stop to help 5 Amoy plug-in embedded in Taobao Tmall page, the flow behavior of crawling. It is reported that this is the implementation of the new civil procedure law, the country’s first lawsuit against the flow of illegal acts of unfair competition ban issued.

industry insiders believe that the Alibaba as the online business flow of the king’s Taobao and Tmall have teamed up to traffic hijacking war, and get a court injunction before "support, has extremely important significance of benchmarking. This is not only a powerful deterrent to tort in law, is expected to radically cut the electricity industry to steal flow, eat big gray industrial chain.

forced to embed Taobao page hijacked traffic to mislead payment

Taobao, Tmall to help 5 buy website traffic was hijacked on grounds of unfair competition, will help 5 buy website owners and Shanghai Network Technology Co., the operator contains a letter software (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. in the dock.

Shanghai Yingdong lawyer Xie Rui is a lawyer in the case of thorium, according to him, to help 5 buy website to help 5 Amoy called parity software, is actually a malicious plug-ins to hijack traffic. Once installed (often automatically installed) it is very difficult to uninstall, shopping behavior from the entire monitoring.

in the case of Tmall, as long as the installation of computer users to help 5 Amoy, the use of IE, Baidu, Sogou browser landing Tmall, "help 5 Amoy" plugin will automatically embed Tmall page, and "advertising and search bar to help buy 5" in the Tmall page. When the user selects a product to buy, the price of goods will immediately appear near the "cash minus" or "to help buy 5 sweep minus 1 yuan, such as links and two-dimensional code. Once the user clicks, the page will automatically jump to help 5 buy site interface, the user is not aware of the circumstances under the guidance of the next operation.

help 5 buy website design is very similar to Taobao Tmall, many users are difficult to distinguish, mistakenly believe that is a trade dispute occurs, often find Taobao Tmall theory.

Taobao and Tmall that help 5 buy website by Taobao, Tmall’s brand awareness and reputation to seek illegitimate interests, not only rob the original by Taobao, Tmall has enjoyed more commercial interests, Taobao, Tmall on the market image of the negative evaluation greatly, has constituted unfair competition therefore, the prosecution to the court to stop infringement, a public apology, and proposed a total of 20 million yuan compensation.

Pudong court issued preliminary injunction first time "strangled" tort

According to

, Taobao, Tmall has been the industry’s leading HTTPS upgrade, the entire web content encryption, the majority of traffic hijacking behavior to prevent. But help 5 Amoy as a browser plug-in, with a higher than the website >

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