2011 the second Changping webmaster Association held in Beijing

    news December 31st, 2011 of the second Changping webmaster Association successfully held in Beijing, the conference hosted by the people’s Government of Changping District Beijing City, cool easou Network Co. Meeting support: Baidu Union, Baidu, micro-blog, Tencent, Entrepreneurs Club Discuz, Heron light! Good beans network, Asia Pacific network, data expression, Internet, world gold Yijia Cheng, Chang Cheng technology, network media, Internet Weekly, easy to cool easou net support. Media supported by: Tencent science and technology, Admin5.com webmaster network, Chinaz webmaster home, speed transit network, 28 push, push a, IT teahouse, such as the pull of the media support for the 55. The general assembly to the Internet innovation, opportunities as the theme, the domestic and foreign owners and the Internet nearly 800 people attended the meeting. The conference special thanks to cool company founder Pan Jun, make contribution for this meeting.

attend the meeting of the leaders of society Xu Xiangtao, deputy director of the office of vice president Ma Min, Qingpu District Party committee deputy secretary Li Kun, Changping District economic and Information Technology Commission Information Department micro zi.

Association Vice Chairman Ma min made an important speech on the second session of the webmaster Association put forward clear requirements, the meeting function, hope this will be better and better, running characteristic, development of the website of Changping must seize the "Internet innovation" and "opportunity", based on the Changping service Yu Changping, have self-confidence and self-improvement and adhere to the humanistic idea, innovation and enterprising, to achieve "win-win" practice of pragmatic, healthy green operators to achieve the purpose of sustainable development, and wish this conference a complete success.

at the meeting, senior business manager Zhang Yanping published by the Internet reality based tailored keynote speech, from the webmaster is most concerned about income, flow, SEO optimization in-depth explanation of the "enterprise sustainable development solutions". Baidu "Internet entrepreneurs club" will follow we always adhere to the "equality of achievement for each person" this mission, to create a support including software and hardware resources and other aspects for the entrepreneurial environment. We believe that as long as the accurate positioning, grasp the status quo and industry trends in the development of the Internet industry, the Internet entrepreneurial atmosphere is bound to move forward faster and better."

lamp Heron network general manager Liang Xiao, topic is a key landing theme of sharing, put forward light Heron was originally a main site and Web site for mobile applications, desktop application developers of third party tools and solutions. The lamp is Heron will include an open platform of sina, QQ, micro-blog Teng renren.com 16+ API home again to form a unified abstraction, encapsulation, integrated interface for website owners and developers, so that they and the social open platform docking more integrated and convenient, reduce development and maintenance costs.

China general manager of the network Admin5 Zhang Zhengjun (screen name Wang) to the owners and entrepreneurs put forward 4 suggestions.

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