Let micro-blog marketing to create a small brand reputation

The emergence of

micro-blog can quickly get up in the network, and its easy to pass the information to allow users to quickly publish their own information, listen to other people’s information. The short 140 word truth is the result of numerous classic network words. Micro-blog quickly became popular to users jumped 2013 years, Sina micro-blog has more than 500 million registered users.

based on this huge number of digital, there is bound to be hidden in the infinite commercial value inside the excavation, micro-blog marketing is built on this basis. Users can cultivate a large number of fans to create wealth. For small network brand users, micro-blog is an artifact. Careful cultivation, will make your brand reputation quickly set up on the internet. So how to use micro-blog marketing to create a small brand reputation?.


start from the popularity of culture

to use micro-blog to promote the brand, there must be a lot of fans. It can be said that the success of micro-blog marketing decision in the number of fans. First, do not want to promote the brand as the primary task, you can release some knowledge about the brand’s products, news, gossip and other content, so that fans gradually increase. This is the starting point for the promotion of your brand when you have a few thousands of fans. (Note: the early release of the relevant information is very important, because we must cultivate the interest in the field of our brand of people, if in order to cultivate fans some popularity but not related things, to the brand promotion stage, these fans will definitely leave you deceived)

do not send water content

a lot of people think that after a lot of fans have been successful, the brand will certainly get everyone’s support and response. In fact, from now on is the key to victory or defeat. First of all, to attract the eye of the title. The old man and woman to lose weight to be healthy, your child will learn, men should be decent, these are the classic marketing theory, combined with these theories, and use the set pattern of the soft, what celebrity gossip, stories and so on, let the user have the desire to click on your title, this is the first step to success. Then, the content can not be released without emotional text, text and pictures to match the wonderful, emotional content to be passionate. To provide valuable and interesting information. Do not be too naked to show the purpose of your brand, for the sake of fans, fans will believe you.

interact with fans

when we win the trust of the fans, we can not put them aside, often to interact with fans, such as answering questions about the brand fans. The face of the fans. Don’t argue with him, it will cause your reputation were quickly destroyed, before the effort could be cast to waste.

tracking fans

don’t get me wrong, this track is for fans

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