Edison Chan may be arrested for emergency notification of illegal photos

Jilin Provincial Public Security Bureau police corps police remind users of the popular online Hongkong artist "pornographic" this photo, "as long as is pornographic pictures, try not to move, browse, copy, paste, download and dissemination is illegal."

website also clean up

February 1st, 13 Jilin Provincial Public Security Bureau, the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, the Provincial Higher People’s court, the provincial people’s Procuratorate, the provincial Industrial and Commercial Bureau, the provincial press and Publication Bureau held a teleconference meeting, the deployment of January to September continue to carry out the law against Internet pornography and other harmful information special action in the province.

meeting the requirements before the end of February, Jilin, all localities and departments should act in Internet audio-visual program website and provide podcasts, blogs, mobile phone audio service units to focus on the Internet containing pornographic and vulgar adverse information content of the website column, video title, time to do a thorough cleaning. This year, it will enforce the forum moderators and chat room administrator name system, BBS sent after the first trial system. Relevant departments will also promote the filtering function of the software to stop the spread of pornography, violence sites.

Edison Chan photos don’t look at

recently, the online spread of Hongkong artist Edison Chan and a number of female artists pornographic, a number of Internet users in Hongkong were arrested on charges of pornographic items". Lee, director of the criminal and Security Department of the Hongkong police department, said that it was illegal to publish photos of this kind, or to reprint photos on the internet.

if the artist finally ruled as obscene pornographic pictures, then spread photos of users violated the highest can be sentenced to 3 years imprisonment and fined 1 million yuan "publishing obscene articles" crime.

for download and browse related photos of Hongkong Internet users, there is no legal concerns. But if you are a mainland Internet users, there are legal risks to browse these photos. Jilin Province Public Security Bureau police corps police remind users, even those photos do not look, "as long as is pornographic pictures, try not to move, browse, copy, paste, download and dissemination is illegal."

police say there are laws under

browsing pornography is illegal, in the current law, it is true. In 2004, the Sichuan police arrested two summoned browse pornography at home residents, police said the investigation of "yellow website" according to the Ministry of public security in the home is 33 orders, Sichuan Province Public Security Bureau official said: "when the supervisor, click browse, access to pornographic websites is illegal."

The so-called

33 orders in 1997, the Ministry of public security, the Ministry of Public Security issued the "computer information network and Internet security protection and management measures", including fifth paragraph sixth: No unit or individual may use the Internet to create, copy, access and dissemination of pornographic information.

this incident had triggered a huge controversy, and then no residents of the home to browse pornographic pictures caught public news >

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