Baidu union suspended business owners can choose to push the theme of three modes

February 8th news, Baidu today officially opened web promotion theme suspended business. It is reported that the theme of the suspension of the form of advertising, with its increased website revenue, concerned about the site experience, showing the form of flexible and other features, will open a revenue channel for the majority of webmasters.

it is understood that the network alliance to promote cooperation theme suspension has a sidebar, windows and buttons three forms, providing a variety of custom page on functional position setting and position setting about, so that owners can choose according to their demand to the theme on the page to show the location of the suspension, to show the effect of the best.

The relevant person in charge of

, the advantages of Baidu Wangmeng to promote cooperation theme of suspension is the largest expanded Baidu massive high-quality advertisers resources, accurate delivery technology, and "suspended" such a high CTR, a high degree of concern, does not affect the promotion form of the original page structure combine to enhance stationmaster income.

Internet advertising experts said, suspended advertising currently on the Internet are all used, is a form of promotion has high click rate, but in the advertising alliance is the first to use this form.

It is reported that

, according to the theme of the opening of network alliance to promote cooperation in suspension, Baidu has added statistical suspended advertising data, support the statistics of the billing allotment channel.

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