Tencent finalized the acquisition of Shanda literature acquisition price or up to 5 billion yuan

text / Sohu IT Wang Congji

November 6th, multi sources indicate that Tencent has been determined to acquire Shanda literature.

informed sources, Tencent will take over Shanda literature, the overall purchase price of 40 to 5 billion yuan.

another insider, the acquisition was finalized in the evening of November 5th, before this, Tencent, Baidu and three fund companies approached the grand literature, Baidu investment department even in November 5th also appeared in the royal company, Tencent and the end result is the last laugh.

"last week still no news, last week said Ma Huateng and Robin Li to determine the bid this week, the grand literature rapidly determine the sale, it looks like the Tencent is given a let Chen Tianqiao can not refuse the price", informed sources.

as of press time, the author repeatedly called Shanda literature CEO Qiu Wenyou, but can not connect.

Baidu, Tencent, Shanda War Within Three Kingdoms pattern was broken

after the 2013 starting point Chinese network home team of Tencent, and Baidu’s acquisition of Chinese aspect network events, China network literature market is considered the formation of Tencent, Baidu, Shanda three giant hegemony pattern, small network literature website the independent will lose competitiveness.

in the three of them, Baidu is considered to have the advantage of PC side traffic resources, Shanda literature is the content side has obvious advantages, while the backing of Tencent games Tencent literature is considered the strongest overall strength.

But the lack of

channel is the problem of royal literature, Shanda literature CEO Qiu Wenyou earlier in an interview with the Sohu IT said: the grand literature is actively considering the introduction of strategic investment, strategic investment tower reading mobile reading products against Baidu, Tencent.

but the end result is a grand literary wholesale package to the Tencent, a senior practitioner said, Tencent, Shanda literature literature fit, the network literature market to perfect feeling, Baidu literature was weak, the future market will move toward a single large.

in this regard, the aforementioned practitioners believe that is not a good thing, because a single general will lose the bargaining power of the author, but perhaps the text of the net Market in the end of the opportunity to reshape the content.

Tencent literature over the past year and did not meet the expected

has the advantage of resources for the literature on why the high price of Tencent took over Shanda literature, rather than completely self rise. Senior practitioners in the industry such evaluation:

Tencent literature over the past year do not succeed, the Tencent investment is in order to let Wu Wenhui move the team a grand literature, but literature Tencent only use cash flow to do Tencent, and did not reflect the IP (intellectual property value), in the Baidu search list became even worse than Chinese network aspect.

in the content side, although the big Tencent literature checkin Maoni etc. but the actual content of God the author, in the end.

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