Adsense network broadcast as entrepreneurs, Chen Anni did something wrong Ma Yun speaks

, 1 Ma Ma Huateng Lei and other chiefs gathered in Guizhou for just one thing

May 26th, in Guiyang in 2015, the big data industry expo and the world’s big data era Guiyang summit opened in Guiyang. Ma Yun, Ma Huateng, Zhou Hongyi, Tian Suning, Lei Jun and Terry Gou all you don’t know the size of the Internet to the Yankees, Premier Li Keqiang also sent a congratulatory letter. What did they say at the meeting,


‘s biggest energy is the future of big data

Ma Yun, chairman of the board of directors of

Alibaba group:

I came to check on the Internet before this morning, to see a lot of stores under the line said in a discount, in the shop, said a thing, are Ma Yunre’s curse, are the cause of Taobao". In fact, I think, 13 years ago we promote the entire e-commerce, we would say that the Internet will affect the production, manufacturing, sales, the Internet will affect all aspects of society, e-commerce will bring huge impact on many industries, many people do not think so.

2 Science and technology circles are often He that talks much errs much.! Old self face Ma once said "don’t starve game

said in a so-called He that talks much errs much., science and technology CEO Luo Yonghao a little body too. The day before the day, Luo and his "face", launched the golden hammer, but before he laughed at the apple push gold version approach cater to the nouveau riche. In fact, in the circle of science and technology, like the old "gaffe" can not at minority chiefs.

[Gold Commemorative Edition that pushed the hammer to the nouveau riche?]

two years ago, Luo Yonghao had mocked apple in the blog: "cultural and fashion elite will love the glittering jewels, Sexy Leopard, apple?" in 520 "day", launched a commemorative edition of the golden hammer mobile phone, Luo also said: "at the moment, it has enough reasons on gold." Just two years ago with Luo Yonghao’s "less than 2500, I am your grandson" after the hammer price is exactly the same. People can not help but want to ask,

Luo, face the pain?

3.4 letter domain name topped the list of Sedo more than a month to turn the price of 5 times  

May 27th hearing, according to overseas news, last week on the Sedo platform to complete a total of 598 pen domain transactions, the total transaction amount of $1 million 100 thousand.

in the 598 pen domain trading turnover is the highest 4 letter domain name for 50000 euros (about 337320 yuan), and the domain name more than a month ago in the Sedo transaction amount of $10099 (about 62655 yuan). More than a month’s time on the price of more than 5 times.

4 has 100 million users of the navigation dog after the failure, the founder of the reflection and counter


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