Try makeup dot nets women B2C seize the female clothing market

yesterday, the reporter from the recently fried hot leading female vertical portal network to decorate, decorate the core strategic network next to clothing, fashion products, re positioning their products range from selling cosmetics started decorating mall, test the women’s clothing sales, continue to expand their core competitiveness, worth thinking about business now.

reporter learned that the test of female clothing sales. Network advertising is relatively large, not only on the QQ website, NetEase on the large picture text chain, and its website also made the headlines of the promotion, according to insiders, the mall after the revision, the clothing line of the 2 day to the more than and 300 orders, which makes us in addition to see the men’s clothing brand outside the women’s market potential. From the clothing product pricing, the price is not low, are more than 200 yuan, the highest is 600 yuan, because many products are limited edition sales, many customers have to book in advance love products, beauty network CEO Hu Fei said that the test of women’s clothing has three points:

: the first strategic goal is to become the site network. The female leading vertical portals, decorate the mall has become the largest female shopping center, so the mall is not only the female beauty makeup cosmetics, will continue to increase after more women related products, such as clothing, shoes and hats, bags and so on, from the three-dimensional perspective create a fashion girl, from head to body angle can be met in the decorated mall, really do women’s intimate shopping mall, the water feminine clothing, in the control of the product is very strict, we each into a women’s clothing, clothing is composed of experts in the field of fashion consultant specialized to purchase, as far as possible styles innovative, reliable quality, moderate price, from all aspects of care to the female customers, so it has been favored by the majority of women, from the days of The increase in the volume of orders, we proved that the test is a feasible way to women’s clothing.

second: the Olympic Games approaching, the state issued a series of policies for the cosmetics transport, has a great influence on our logistics, increase the cost of logistics, thus affecting the product sales, we are forced to innovation of other products to ease the current crisis of existence, also using this opportunity to decorate the network for a product positioning transformation.

third: strengthen the back rate of female customers, because women for cosmetic use cycle is too long, to buy again the ability to drop, if the cycle of more than two to three weeks, many customers to adorn the brand impression of network is relatively poor, forgotten in the vast sea, unable to stick to the two consumer users, rich women related products line for the scope of the user’s choice will be greatly expanded, whether it is cosmetic products, clothing Home Furnishing again, as long as the demand, consumption will again.

analysis, decorate network CEO Hu Fei has taken the women’s apparel market, is with the help of PPG, the success of VANCL in male and female clothing, in the hope that the same field >

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