Mail inspection requirements as follows refused to see the inspection can not be sent

news February 27th, the State Post Bureau, before the release of "mail acceptance inspection regulations" (Draft), which intends to provide postal and courier companies to collect mail and express mail, there are nine kinds of situations can not be acceptance. The nine kinds of situations including the user refused to face test, users send a limited delivery items beyond the scope of the provisions, the provisions of article eighth of users send letters, when necessary postal companies, courier companies can require the user to open visual inspection, the user refused to open the postal companies, courier companies will not be closed send.


in addition, it is understood that the draft in addition to the company to send and receive, inspection and other aspects of the specification, but also specifically pointed out that the courier should bear the obligations of users. The draft shows that users not only to fill in the information, but also in the mail, express delivery has been packaged, should take the initiative to open the package, to accept the postal enterprises, express delivery companies.

for visual inspection, the draft states that the courier and courier companies should pay attention to the user to fill in the details of a single mail or courier waybill on the content is complete, clear and detailed; users to fill in the goods name, category, number line objects and sent to the user; send goods and the use of the package material, filling material is the state prohibited from posting items; users limit the delivery of goods sent are beyond the specified scope; whether the user required to produce valid identity documents, proof of safety or other written documents etc..

insiders said that at present, the logistics industry express received the parcel for visual inspection content and specific steps are no uniform industry standards, the draft clearly put forward the visual inspection of the box contents and not acceptance situation requirements, have a positive significance for standardizing the logistics industry express receiving process, once finally passed will become the industry standard.

below for the express mail receipt and inspection of the provisions of the regulations (draft amendment draft) full text:

[Objective] on the basis of

1 in order to strengthen the mail, express acceptance visual inspection and maintenance management, mail, express delivery concerns safety, ensure delivery channels, and promote the healthy development of the postal industry, according to the "People’s Republic of China postal law", "postal industry safety supervision and management measures" and other laws and administrative regulations and the relevant provisions of the enactment of this provision.

second [application] users to send mail, express mail and postal companies, courier companies to send and receive mail, express mail, as well as postal management and other departments related to the supervision and management of the application of the provisions of these regulations.

mentioned in these Provisions refers to the acceptance inspection of postal enterprises and express delivery enterprises receiving users send mail, express mail, and check the users send mail, express mail, mail is in accordance with the relevant provisions of the ban to send, and users in the mail or courier waybill on the details of the single contained content is sent its stock. In the process of.

third [policy] mail, express mail to take a check as work adhere to safety first, pre >