Expert 4 a year and a half crown of the shocking story of Taobao new marketing


package decoration sector No1: Hello! I talk about the experience of internship, early attention to Daniel shop, see Daniel half a year to get 4 crown reputation, is a very successful business Oh do not know if I have the honor to interview you


tomorrow on their own: Oh yes…… It’s an honor to be interviewed by you,


package decoration sector No1: Thank you really are very enthusiastic about Daniel I visited your gang saw you to answer our sellers Dandan now can we introduce yourself and your shop?

tomorrow by myself: my name is Li Dandan, born in 85 years, I used Taobao’s buyers to buy things to drill 4 after the start of Taobao shop is open Taobao store opened in October 1st 08 years to 1 years is now half a month’s time.

No1 package decoration sector: Oh, Daniel you, shop four drill started Taobao shop, LAN sister reminds me of a word, we are sellers, but we are also the only buyers, buyers who did and didn’t know how to do the seller, because you know what buyers need. Daniel shop four drill, what kind of shops, what kind of service can let the buyer satisfaction, this is sure to understand it.

first: the difference between the evaluation is normal, not as bad as a headache thing to treat

package: Daniel No1 decoration sector was too severe for 1 and a half years can have 4 crown reputation and I see your praise rate is high can maintain the credibility of Daniel Oh what I want to share with us the novice seller under


tomorrow on your own: we have a dedicated customer service is responsible for the difference in assessment, if the buyer evaluation, we found that the difference in assessment of our customer service will look at the reasons in the poor and then call the customer communication, after the first apology allow buyers to vent their dissatisfaction and we apologize again for consultation the best solution to apologize if buyers do not want to modify and we will apologize.

package decoration sector No1: hehe…… Well said, as a buyer to give you a bad review, generally want to vent about. The Danny, I want to ask, if you encounter malicious bad review so you will choose how to deal with


tomorrow on their own: encounter malicious, we also take a good way to communicate. We’ll treat them well. They’ll be a little ashamed of it sooner or later. I personally think that no matter how others treat us we should always maintain a sincere attitude of the evaluation we will also play some malicious Taobao phone complaints, Taobao will sometimes help us prune, I personally feel that the buyer will give bad review is not enough we do some sellers.


package decoration sector no1: well thank Daniel oh we now many sellers.

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