Network marketing is not taken for granted, a few mistakes must be put an end to

Along with the people living in

network, network marketing has become a homely food, once popular "killer" has now become imaginable, but the effect is really a world of difference. There are many reasons for this, the network environment has changed, marketing thinking and marketing tools have also changed, it can be said that today is different from the past. In short, way of network marketing is being gradually fade, not the original results are devalued, in the interests of high age, that is to say the network marketing has become worthless, in such circumstances, more and more people for the understanding of the network marketing changed. These changes in the final analysis are some of the ghosts.

for marketing, a lot of people are using the network media most probably it did not actually happen, think, do some things on the gimmick is doing propaganda, in fact it has been completely distorted the value of marketing concept, marketing needs to be based on the product, according to the current hot properties of grafted products to highlight, and with the trend of the times, but some people still doing promotional work most probably it did not actually happen, this final marketing can only harm themselves is blind. So for the public, which is a little scary, I think there are the following.

network marketing is valuable, not a small ad. Network marketing is valuable, it must be sure the network is covering all walks of life, it is the most widely used frequency, in conditions so huge, its value is everywhere. When it comes to the domain of network marketing will become very large, but the marketing activities through the network, it is the field of network marketing, so they know how boundless, behind the number of user groups is not counted, so since it is in this industry "mixed", have to live understand, find the value of it. Network marketing is certainly going to promote, but the current situation is not optimistic, because the marketing cost is low, can be said to be small ads wantonly on network, make people tired, most marketers like lost the bottom line of any "net" network made a mess of fog smoke. Network promotion must be, not a small ad, not scattered leaflets, but to have a certain sense of purpose and direction is the most critical.

network marketing is to establish a brand, not to build a website. All know that network marketing is to make profit, no profit enterprises will be a loss, it is good, but the "profit" should be, is the interest of sustainable development, or some short-term not to hurt the petty profits, brand problem to the immediate petty profits and. The starting point of network marketing is very high, can see more long-term, network marketing is to long-term development, more businesses in the early construction of website marketing put up a pageantry one-sided view, network marketing is to establish a portal, that there must be a website! Is a good idea, but a time that momentum, site there is more stagnant, even the basic update too horrible to look at, the problems are solved out. Network marketing is to establish a brand, but do not necessarily need to establish a website, the achievement of the company’s reputation

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