Network group bid farewell to thousands of battle, mobile, O2O into a new selling point

2014 network buy in China ushered in fifth years of development, the annual transaction size is expected to exceed $70 billion mark. And a few years ago, thousands of war, barbaric growth compared to the current group buying industry pattern has been basically formed, the market gradually rational. Mobile buy, O2O is becoming a new selling point".

failure rate as high as 86%

Since 2000,

network group purchase model is introduced into China so far, in the mad chase of capital, group purchase industry has experienced a capital darling, thousands of war, malicious competition, IPO crashed, the capital without food, cuts off station, and a series of integrated shuffle roller coaster experience.

China Electronic Commerce Research Center before released statistics show that by the end of 2013, the country of birth of the group purchase website 6246, is currently in operation in 870. Buy site closed down a total of 5376, closing rate of up to 86%.

at the same time, to BAT (Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent) led by internet giants have strengthened in the field of group purchase layout.

2014 China network group buying pattern formed." That shop No. 1’s No. 1 group general manager Ma Chao day before the group purchase website is mainly divided into two categories, led by a class with the U.S. group, public comment, focus on the service life; the other is to Juhuasuan, No. 1 group headed by the group purchase platform.

according to the group 800 statistics, the current domestic monthly turnover of more than 4 billion yuan to buy, is expected in the coming months is expected to usher in the era of $5 billion". With the entry of Baidu, Ali, and other electricity providers giant Tencent, group purchase website traffic will get more technical and support, market growth will also strive for further improvement, is expected to 2014 group purchase transaction volume will reach 77 billion 150 million yuan.

industry new selling point

and the previous two years, mainly through the PC online users to buy different, the rapid development of the mobile Internet and the popularity of intelligent terminals, adding new impetus to the growth of network buying.

as early as last March and April, the group began to buy the market to buy mobile migration tide, at present, some of the first line of the group to buy mobile site traffic has accounted for more than 50% of the total flow of the site.

led mission network CEO Wang Qiheng pointed out that in the experience of buying and landing gradually stabilized development, buy the market can maintain steady growth in the volume of transactions, the main driving force from the rapid development of mobile shopping.

mobile Internet also prompted the development of a deeper level of buy site O2O. Ma Chao introduced O2O opportunities to expand, they are launched Hotel and tourism industry verticals localized in traditional stores, group purchase; and go to the next line convenience store cooperation, pick some FMCG such as egg, the user line after the purchase can go to the store or convenience store from mentioning.

bid farewell to the price war

"low" was once a network buy suck >

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