Shanghai Longfeng fence time grasp technology and service

network is many, therefore Shanghai Longfeng ER must keep their eyes open, to find the potential stock. Whether it is the choice of industry, block, the key words are so. For example, keywords, some keywords is not obvious potential. For example, when hit "Gangnam style", "Yuan Fang, what do you see". These keywords and a large video or TV together, will have less potential, their degree of hot and a video or TV hot once Mourinho not bound together in a common cause, the fire, the key is useless. But some other keywords is different, such as independent keywords such as "awesome" these words, although it is not fire, but there are still people in the last.

technology also has timeliness, outdated technology will only become chicken ribs, lackluster. This is why there is a patent, because there are a lot of people can do to make the invention, only the personnel accounted for the initiative. Similarly, if the development of the new web application, does not have to be perfect in every respect to launch, everything is not perfect, the prototype requires the user feedback information to develop continuously. It avoids the waste of time, to attract users, but also give the minimum resources, make the application user heart. But also to avoid out of semi-finished products, allowing users to lose confidence in this technology.

the user’s patience is limited, if in the face of the user, the rapid reaction is a very important point, is to win a user >

also, if you want to find a new industry also needs time, for example the first rebate network, network group purchase website, while Dongfeng has made a pot of gold, now want to enter this field, independent entrepreneurs have been very difficult to do, need some funding support. If the website developed more authoritative websites, want to enter this industry has not had a tiny bit of land. Therefore, whether it is the choice of industry, select the block, choose keywords, my time is very important.

in this fast-paced era, time is money, this sentence is absolutely no wrong. The network is a mobile platform, wave of change at any time, the user’s growing appetite, demand more and more, want something more quickly. Therefore Shanghai dragon ER must have a keen sense of smell, want to keep the pace of the times, do a "fence", saw the trend is blowing, rush to go there in person. Shanghai dragon industry is a new industry very fast, rapid updating and other characteristics of the Shanghai dragon industry technology and services with a strong timeliness, if you can not see this point, it will definitely be out of this industry.

3) timeliness grasp the service, do not overestimate the patience of the user

1) new things has timeliness, need to find potential

New things on the

2) technology has timeliness, the application must go in front of people.

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