Through love Shanghai this adjustment to see the future development trend of search engine

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love Shanghai to get rid of garbage sites, in recent years the development of their own products, know, Wikipedia, Post Bar, library, experience and so on, when the product is mature enough to love Shanghai to ban waste site time.

This is the website of K

in the development of society, technology becomes more mature, the search engine more and more intelligent, perhaps many years later when people in Shanghai love search, spam will not, instead of the high quality web content, Shanghai love their products, it will greatly improve the user experience. At that time may be small website in no personal webmaster can be a place to live in, slowly reduced, it is replaced by the company, the team.

finally told the webmaster, treasure your own domain name, cherish you now stand, adhere to the original, adhere to high quality content, after many years you may have in the first search results. The above information "by the www.cnmox贵族宝贝 administrator, also reproduced please keep the original author

through this change, can be seen in Shanghai against love collection, garbage, cheating site determination, these sites do not exist, and the pseudo original, also often see in the webmaster forum, a good article pseudo original deal couldn’t see. Love in Shanghai emphasize the user experience, because we provide content is to give users see, imagine a, we are not reading articles, the user will see it

began to love Shanghai from June 22nd will be a big adjustment, until the end of June, the 28 day is the biggest change, at the beginning I did not appear a large number of several small changes to 28 days several station were all K, but I have been suffering the business forum harmless. We can see that the love of Shanghai is not a database error but to change the quality of some site was cleared.

love Shanghai has been in the fight against collection, waste site, cheating sites, but had previously been are minor, perhaps because the technology is not mature enough for fear of manslaughter the regular site, so there has been no big movement. Of course, this is only my personal views, we can see the love of Shanghai webmaster community announcement released in May Web2.0 anti spam spam and Internet Raiders strike in the sea will improve the quality of news station show, processing low quality news station announcement. Do not know if this is a coincidence or a notice to love Shanghai station.

mainly has the following characteristics: 1, no high quality content, long time not update. 2, Taobao guest website, here refers to the situation of pure API station. 3, acquisition, pseudo original website. I was K’s website also has more than 3 points, the webmaster forum poll results can be seen above.

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