Why attract the chain blog to use two directories

The use of


Shandong Shanghai dragon has in the past about optimization method has a website external links is established in his blog registered independent domain name to attract outside of the chain. Because the blog content is usually more personalized, business is not strong, if able to actively integrate into the industry and the blogosphere, and authoritative bloggers on a topic for discussion, can attract a lot of high quality external links. However, the establishment of this blog to use two directories, without sub domain, why? The reasons are as follows:

two, the sub domain can make your site weight, PR value and trust degree of dispersion. Of course, but 贵族宝贝china.xx贵族宝贝 贵族宝贝xx贵族宝贝/china/, the two URL, the former is obviously a little authority, because the search engine will make the URL as a web site’s home page. It was also observed, the domain name many times will transfer a small part of the trust to the sub domain. But from the perspective of Shanghai dragon, as far as possible to use two directories, rather than sub domain. Because the sub domain and the domain name is two completely different websites, if you use the sub domain, it is equivalent to you to the promotion of the two website, the website of Shanghai love the weight and the PR value and trust are the two separate sites are scattered. It is very difficult to achieve focus on winning effect.

, a sub domain is an independent website. Perhaps we all know the difference between two directories and sub domain, also know Shanghai Longfeng use domains but to make two directories. Here, just simply say something, that is, the search engine will be treated as an independent sub domain name website for example, search engine will think 贵族宝贝.Xx贵族宝贝 and 贵族宝贝china.xx贵族宝贝 are two independent website. But if you use the two level directory 贵族宝贝xx贵族宝贝/china/, then it is indeed a part of the site is 贵族宝贝xx贵族宝贝/.

three, sub domain name will make your site more and smaller, which is scattered, two directory has the opposite effect. The aforementioned search engine optimization is a very important point is the site content and site quality and its strength, the size of the site is one of the very important index. The bigger the site, contains more natural, to help users more trust, it has accumulated more. So in the whole website theme is closely related to the premise, try to use two web site directory. In special circumstances, to then turn sub domain. For example, your company’s product line more, and the differences between the product lines of relatively large, so we need minimal correlation, different products with different two level domain name. Sometimes the international multinational companies, because the company is too large, in order to highlight the regional characteristics and the operation of the company.

The use of

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