Talk about the construction of the chain from the resurgence of Jeremy Lin

two, a comprehensive


chain is the most important to stability, this is also the most difficult, because you do not know what time the chain just disappeared, or administrator freak, or by cheating, or judge the love of Shanghai adjustment…… The webmaster can do, is to try to find high weight site outside the chain of production, and improve the quality of soft Wen and reply. The stability of Jeremy Lin really let money be startled at, two weeks ago, I thought it was a hot (because Yi Jianlian had scored 29), and this stable and high level continued to play, and his glory, wish him I wish you a happy voyage. dedicate more exciting game, for our fans.

chain will have regular, steady growth is appropriate, no one can eat into fat, disposable hair outer chain too much, the website is not a good thing, especially new sites, there was even love Shanghai that is suspected of cheating, directly by K. Like basketball training, uninterrupted regular training can improve jumping ability, but you can’t ask a day added a kilometer Kobayashi bounce, if so, he would not have to fight NBA, NASA to borrow clothes, nothing to play on the moon.


chain is best not to pour all into a spider in the search page, not too much to repeat what meaning. For example, Jeremy Lin wouldn’t break, will be three points, CIC, assists and steals, so in February 11th, the Lakers can’t guard him.

blink is Thursday, usually love Shanghai small update day old money recently busy watching Jeremy Lin, basically no update what the quality of the original, so in any case have a hair today. Wanted to write "playing basketball with the chain", the reason why Jeremy Lin did, because today Lin scored 10 points and 13 assists, Yi Jianlian compared to the "scored 6 points, 1 boards, plucked Chi made 3 gauge" is much better. The Shanghai dragon Er, the construction of the chain, in many ways and playing basketball is the same, especially the indomitable spirit. The following simple talk about doing the matters needing attention of the chain.


, a regular

Three, the stability of

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