From those things mogujie贵族宝贝 spy pictures Shanghai Dragon

in title of a page, I think every webmaster have the experience, search engine for the evaluation of a page came largely from the title. Key channels at the same time it is also the first time to obtain the user information page. For our site may be a lot of pictures are repeated, especially the waterfall flow site, if our title is the same as the picture widely, then this will restrict the collection of pictures. As a picture of the page below mogujie贵族宝贝, we can see that this page has a detailed and unique title, this not only let us picture page for the search engine more friendly, also can let our visitors find everything fresh and new.

is a visual picture of the animal, the preferences are usually higher than words. With the continuous improvement of Internet technology, the website also from the past text as the mainstream to the era of pictures. Especially in recent years, waterfall type of Web site popular, more body to enhance the key position in the site in the picture.

ALT for the picture of the label is obviously Shanghai Longfeng effect, as yesterday there is an article "example analysis ALT label" Shanghai dragon > profound effect


page pictureThe status of


three: picture ALT tag


in addition to the text description, we also can use the user similarity evaluation information to reduce the picture page. The message and picture information for evaluation of users, this will give us a picture of the page "out of the ordinary".

: set up a separate heading for our

two: rich picture text

now, text is search engine friendly form. Reduce the best form of site image similarity is through the description of the text. For some of the pictures are the site, if the picture show, even if your colorful pictures are different, but they are in the eyes of search engines, they are similar. Rich text description page just to deal with this problem well. We see a picture of the mogujie贵族宝贝 page, as shown below, the rich picture and a brief description of collocation words. You can make a better interpretation of text and differentiate our picture information.

, as a webmaster we also have to face images for search engine friendly facts, this application also limits the pictures on the website. We have to deal with the site of Shanghai dragon pictures will need to start from the details. As we all know, in addition to the reasons for search engine friendly another picture so bad that included pictures of high repetition. This paper will discuss with mogujie贵族宝贝 in this respect those things about the Shanghai dragon picture.

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