A murder caused by the chain blog

at this time, a heart impulse, but especially, why don’t I make a will do its first. Then began to make a mistake, originally just included, love Shanghai for me is really good, the same day the updated snapshot, 10 consecutive days are so, I do not have this point since full, started playing the evil idea, I long ago registered in the blog on the best number of what website, to the same type of station of station of its own and very high weight together sent, the thinking about the blog soon included, I will bring an unexpected surprise, but in the Post issued after three days to go, my original ranking suddenly disappeared, the snapshot also stopped, ah – ah, but this is mainly for the love of Shanghai, Google’s performance is quite outstanding, the station after the rankings. A well-known site.

fortunately, there is a station not what problem, but my good times don’t last long ah, space is the unscrupulous sellers from Taobao to buy as his domain names tied in my space, also do the analysis results, because he is the old name, in Shanghai is better than I love weight, I came in he is not in front of me, hey, who told my mind stupid, no background. Timely contact, the binding domain is deleted, but I was so love Shanghai right down, lost to 20 pages later, while Google was not affected in any way, obviously I recognize that the binding domain is a space of smuggled goods in Google, but who stole my space domain name is tied with the ranking, I deleted, ranking will disappear, it seems I have to wait until Shanghai, which in love I was the real me, may I turn to.

second things, for the love of Shanghai, may now still no way through technical means, make sure you tied in the same space domain, which is the principal which is time, especially at the same time to this, we must warn only one other with jump > do stand domain name

this time, it is free, free time is also made several new sites, just do a few days, this does not look at the key words are good, the new ten position immediately before the home page, secretly delighted, oh, so much love, Shanghai great master, now the new station to weight so high, look at several small related keywords are more is a crooked melon. Jujube, as a love, Shanghai uncle may also have no choice but to recommend me.

through the above two station the plight of the conclusions are as follows, if the blog (especially in the famous site) blog link is still very important, but if you are a new word, I suggest not to do, because your weight, not enough to insist that the weight of the chain quite high, so only exposes the essence of your love encounter optimization, Shanghai right down, if you want to add the chain, and then suggest when doing station six months to a year, but when the feeling is not too obvious. Don’t know, we own to study practice.

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