Discussion what keyword density in which interval is the most appropriate

I had more than one time for the keyword density test of Shanghai dragon is most favorable in other sites, but let the disappointment, does not draw useful conclusions from these tests. The testing process is that, for the same website, according to the natural principle to add keywords, keyword density increased to about 5%, other content are not changed, after a month, it seems not what website ranking and the progress, reduce home page keyword density to 1.5%, other the content are not changed, then after a month, the ranking of the site is basically maintained at the same level, nor what setback, this was a little bit confusing.

so, when we make a web page, the first concern should be the quality of the content of the page, followed by the keyword density, but not too much emphasis on the key.

webmaster tools that a web page keyword density of 2% to 8% is appropriate, the most favorable of Shanghai dragon. If this is so, then we change for keyword density, while keeping the other content unchanged, the ranking of the site should be changed to, but the fact is not true. This lets the author constantly thinking, what is the role of the keyword density. According to the author’s understanding, the main role is to make the density of keywords search engine can be more clear judgment about what is this page content, which is the focus of a few words, only this. Only the so-called keyword density to strengthen the importance of key words in the page, but the importance of a word on the page and can not be converted into weight. To obtain the weights of the web page is the quality and original degree depends on the whole content of this web page to get it, and a word number density of almost Never mind too much, it can explain why the keyword density small page ranking is sometimes better, while the keyword density of page rank and sometimes very poor the.

on a web page keyword density how much the most appropriate? On this issue, the search engine has not given a clear statement. So on this issue has always been a very vague concept. I have seen the page keyword density ranking good, also seen home page keyword density small ranking is also very good. This makes it hard to determine what keyword density in which interval is the most appropriate.

according to this logic, is not the keyword density is not what effect? The author thinks that not all. After all, the keyword density reflects a page on which words are important, what word is secondary. This will strengthen the keywords in the web page of the effect on the side. However, due to "weight is determined by the content of the keyword density function is not so obvious. But if we can in the original degree and quality assurance of the web page content case, increase keyword density if the keyword density can to a certain extent for the weight plus keywords, but the effect of size, we can make nothing of it.

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