A new Shanghai dragon website optimization process

We can see the "

as a true Shanghai dragon rookie, Shanghai dragon novice, read too many articles, listening to too many lessons. In a sense, then going on to Shanghai Longfeng, whether it is listening or reading articles worth mentioning, is to do well in the station layout, the hair of the chain, pay attention to the word around and so on, the concrete will not say, I think most people know. But I want to say, this does have the effect, but if it is to do the site will be able to make up the ranking, then each of us to do so, there are so many love Shanghai home position to us for? And we can often see some Daniel two or three month website love Shanghai, rank and weight are very impressive. Do they all just do the routine optimization can achieve this effect? I think it is not so simple. I think to do optimization, in addition to the routine procedures in accordance with the predecessors summary and published outside methods should also look for more efficient. So I will be in the form of record test each method text effect, only when their study notes.


test site:

included, in the search for "love Shanghai"

have been published, keywords are set, then we need to let love Shanghai included the published article, this I have what good way, only to send the chain.

see a post in the forum, it tells the story of a website for more than two months do love Shanghai 5 of the weight of the case, although the weight of the 5 love Shanghai a lot of water, but for the new station, there are still a lot of merit. The specific case I but described, you can look at the original.

Changsha" love Shanghai "air conditioning" index + love Shanghai index is equivalent to the "Changsha + air conditioning" love Shanghai "Changsha air conditioning index, however," the word is not love Shanghai index, but also very few people to search the word means, then there will be a man search for "Changsha + air conditioning"? The answer is definitely not. No one is searching for the word, then it is proved that the word is simply no one to compete with you, do the word love to Shanghai home is very simple? Specific thought to understand, can you think of.

When the article

guards (new domain name, the original Cthulhu: no station)

first Changsha air conditioning in this website, I published two articles, keywords are set to the "Changsha + air conditioning".

why choose "Changsha + air conditioning" as keywords? My understanding is that, firstly, the keyword "Changsha" and "air conditioning" is a love of Shanghai index, as follows:

: optional day in mind (old name, had multiple sites)

case: Alan + Shanghai dragon

Changsha: air conditioning (two level domain)

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