Analysis on love Shanghai hot news words ranking

through the analysis of these words we can know, if those words do love Shanghai home, then we live the day IP traffic will be over 10000. We look at the three words "Zhou Libo breast advertisement".

two, choose to do what is inside the station, outside the station to do or do.

we do network, are aware of the need to pay attention every day to love Shanghai Search Ranking, by Search Ranking, our choice of words, words well chosen keywords optimization, so to live better rankings and flow. To do so in love Shanghai Billboard Hot inside which is suitable for our love? Haizha net @ Shanghai dragon liupneg help to analysis the love Shanghai news hot words ranking, gives the solution three

related results in the search for "Zhou Libo fell in love with the sea breast advertising" look to find about 565000, this word is not a lot of people do we look on the first page, the first is the use of the word love Shanghai for promotion, the second is love sea news, adopt the news portal the content, which contains information about YAHOO, North network, Tencent, Hebei entertainment news four news information. The third is the NetEase of entertainment, the fourth is our webmaster do up, using the Ku6 video, the fifth is the 4 related information to know the love of Shanghai, you see. Well now we have to give the top entry analysis theme love Shanghai news hot words a good solution to the word, three strides.

If you have

three, blog, forum, SNS community and micro-blog to promote our.

if you do not have the portal station, so we use other portals to do, like the Ku6 video (easier to send advertising, but should not be too obvious, otherwise it will be deleted), Shanghai (know love easy to do, updated quickly, but retained a short time), and Shanghai Post Bar love

, we do choose to choose the right word, find related words, and the long tail words to do so quickly to the front page.

portal news station, that is the best, in the news station inside the release of the latest information, best illustrated, good internal link word.

search can extract love Shanghai following search terms related to the search drop-down box and inside the word, also can refer to the noble baby related search words and drop-down box inside words.

time is 2011 06 month 14 days 08:00, we love Shanghai into Search Ranking in charts look at recent events, several events before the shoot in front of the analysis of three words in front. The first is the "American doomsday plane", second is "Yao death scene", third is "Zhou Libo breast enhancement advertising". The searches of the three words of each word in the 20 thousand to 40 thousand. "American doomsday plane" is the 2011 06 month 14 days, the search volume is more than 30 thousand.

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