The webmaster to teach you how to thousandEver adhere to the industry character, refused to lure int

is hard to make money. In a word, Taobao customers can make money, not more than the promotion of new ways, and who is stronger than the executive, of course, black humor, such as special cattle except.

is to share my experience, because the method I used every webmaster can be easily implemented, have good marketing resources and marketing platform for the novice Taobao customer is not for everyone. It is recommended to enter here

just entered the two months to achieve such results, we certainly think there are some unknown promotion methods, in fact, otherwise, I just do Taobao two months, what do not understand, and what skills?. I use the way of promotion is very old, everyone can in stationmaster net can see, if you let me say what I can say, I carry on the common method of execution, to the extreme, and then made a little money. If everyone is constantly looking for new ways to promote and throw away the very simple and easy to do, then in the highly competitive Taobao circles,

I mean by , Wangwang group, community, Post Bar weak post that the most elementary way. Because before this, most of the experience I have seen online expert share is the webmaster do a single page, a Taobao x products list, and then use SEO optimization method to do directional flow way, to promote their products, get a commission. I am using these, we all despise the primary way. Of course, those who use SEO means to promote the tutorial I have read some, but my level is limited, very difficult to implement those methods, simply give up and concentrate to spend time in the chat group and forum posting up Post Bar. I found more and more webmaster, especially I like this new station, may be the Wangzhuan tutorial to see more, Taobao started as a guest to give up the common way to do the single page, and buy a lot of Links, then we all dream to the commission. In fact, many tutorials are often just go to the station to harm. More and more people take other seemingly profiteering way to promote, and as I use this conventional way of promotion of fewer and fewer people, so our competitors less, and promotion is much easier. Of course, most people don’t make much money in this simple way. Why? Because people think this method is too simple, so few people can hold it down. And that part of the people who insist on, I dare say, as long as the luck is not bad, more or less have made money. especially to remind me that I have made a lot of

, adhere to the industry character, refused to lure interests. The horse refused to, start from our webmaster.

A, preface

if you installed antivirus software can monitor the machine main directory. Then you will find. In the course of your day online, there have been many times when you open the web page, there will be.Exe.dll and other files into your computer. You have to worry all the time that the number will be stolen. Is online banking safe?. The equipment in the game will be yours next time or not. Whether you and intimate photos will not easily become among the joke of others. Machine speed is more and more slow, every time antivirus always alarm. Some poisonous card, even if you nuodun, Jiang Min, rising all are not deleted. The frequency of your poisoning is much higher than before. You won’t be sure that your machine doesn’t have viruses.

how the virus is so rampant poison really make us part geometry, and in this field to make the game the desperation of the majority of Internet users and hated plays what role?The

two, horse, interest?

a game account password mail is an envelopeHow much is an envelope

to several angles ranging from 5 yuan from 3.5 yuan, of an envelope.

they found the website home page has always been to no avail. Horse killing using a variety of tools. Changed again and again. Added and changed. Extremely depressed under the redo system, but still changed. But in the home message. The man contacted me. I knew exactly what had happened during that period.

Second, Trojan my machine in

every three steps, who won the server I manage the account name and password through the Trojan

Fourth, the change of web page trojan. To get the game account to sell stolen equipment. And sell envelopes to make money. Just this week, M


brand promotion on the use of these strokes, in July activities reduced 500-1000 yuan

I’m definitely the kind of newly recruited novice webmaster, but that no technical webmaster, but the website has achieved many webmaster envy "over a million monthly target. And other webmaster group of cattle, I belong to that unknown, secretly make money low-key adsense.

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