Site money guide how to register for an application AdbriteThe station guest bill rolls

Adbrite in the United States can be said to be second only to shlf1314 and Yahoo’s largest Internet advertising and dealers, it also includes the user area on the global Chinese payment, but also in the operation and rules than before both have many different, if not easily closed accounts, advertisement price is good, the application through the graphic introduce Adbrite advertising steps:
Note: the following pictures click

1. can be amplified first into the Adbrite page to register an account:

2. / > enter the home page, appear as follows:

3. />< began to apply in the position shown by clicking on the "Sign up now"

address need to use pinyin article A word such as

FuXingMen DaJie 1 Hao capital that the domestic box office of post

Make CHecks Payable to Chinese characters written name such as Wang SanWu

Tax pinyin is the ID

Minimum Check Amount can be left blank or is the minimum payment proposal can be changed at any time after 50.


5. to choose the right according to the Your ad here " schema; " Ads

Only Clean + network is

May include ads clean advertising for Viagra gambling

Includes Ads including gambling for Adult sites

Maximum number of 0.05 ads to allow at.

array Taobao customers, you are ready to feel? Now there are many online programs available for download Taobao customers, but that I don’t feel safe, they might have a back door plug-in, when you do the fire station to your Taobao PID instead, the Amitabha goodness, working for others.

has a phrase called "women’s money is best earned", make good use of what you have learned to see, do a Taobao station, in fact, very simple.

Amoy advertising is a very important step, don’t be too obvious, when I sold on a computer in the city before, often heard to repair the computer MM complained: "Oh · · the advertisement is full of advertising, what time do not know". Look at the ETUDE advertising position, in addition to the other with floating page integration is perfect, so don’t do too obvious advertising, people see advertising interest immediately halved, as below is my own website with the guest station advertising, are making advertising content with pictures look like no, this is not difficult to build a 3×3 form OK,

Now many webmaster have joined the

reprint, please indicate my blog for young blog.163/aijuhe_r/, thank you


ETUDE and Ruili two large female professional web sites are well known, there are plenty of articles on female images, including clothing collocation, slimming skills, beauty methods and so on are very fond of women, so we can collect the pictures of this kind to your own website, add some appropriate pseudo original, often updated to keep some of the MM, so that they can often visit,

is the last thing to do is promotion, remember, we’re not just doing a website, is the Tao do Wangzhuan, have soft skills on some MM often go to the website forum attracted them soft, and make a link with some of the women’s website and so on, anyway, promotion means a lot.

how to do their own station? The traditional way is to take a program like CMS to collect guest page merchandise, fix a few hours. A dazzling array of Taobao babies will fill your web site, and if you do that, I won’t sweat it for you while you’re celebrating for yourself. This station is pure station advertising ah, no one can do, who are come in look, all advertising to leave, so that the collection efficiency is not high, we should combine the content, specific content, the female net to do this.

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