Personal webmaster to do some summary of local forums and ideas (1)

first introduce myself, I am 26 years old, has 7 years of experience in the webmaster, do forum University, did the picture stand, wrote a plug-in in PW and DZ, had written style, a web application (classified information procedures of a PHP), although not with original ideas the network, but also can be said to have certain understanding. During this time, also experienced local forums, vertical website blowout development, however, due to various reasons, but did not seize the opportunity, it is a pity, I believe there are a few such regret webmaster. Now work for 3 years, although the work is very busy, the unit is also very good, but I still have the free profession, their entrepreneurial enthusiasm, I believe many webmaster and I have the same dream. Because I think the most important thing for people to live is freedom, and to start their own business is a good way to get free. No nonsense, but here are some of my understanding of local forum management:

(1) the development trend of local forum

believes that many webmaster can see one or two in local sites are very influential in their place, as a new media network, really worthy of the name, its influence is also growing, many of the original personal website began commercial operation, and as a forum website in the form of a good popularity, more and more pay attention to. And because the forum user stickiness is good, high popularity of the forum is more and more high, in the forum is very difficult to break, I believe that this concentration will be higher, to the last place can only survive 1-2 Forum (county), and with the Internet penetration in all ages, the local forum in people’s lives will play an increasingly important role.

(two) new access to the forum must adhere to the principles of

due to the low barriers to entry, in the drive of various benefits, various places have emerged many forums, but the real success of the few, many owners began to boil, one or two months to see no people no longer care experience, and lucky stationmaster can use various methods accumulated a certain popularity, their enthusiasm and the higher, then slowly to success. Here I would like to quote Buffett’s words, "only the continuous passion to create value, so do your stick, overnight, overnight success in the local forum myth will be established.

(three) don’t waste your energy on changing styles, plug ins,

, a successful forum, has always been not to spend the very interface, powerful function as a selling point, the, horizon and so on, many large forum are not your website is powerful, but you have their flow? Many novice Adsense tend to pursue the function and interface of flower whistle, actually not. How the site can maximize the effectiveness of it? I don’t think that your site is beautiful, but what kind of convenience your website can provide access to the people, what kind of information, I am now very popular words "content is king".

(four >

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