What do you need to build a QQ space from the media

QQ space from the media, maybe we are not unfamiliar, as the basic social Tencent, currently active QQ space so ineffable, how do we can go into space from the media, if the space to attract user attention, is our focus, in general, no matter from the media platform. No need to have two points, one second: user: user core import, we must first understand the internal construction is a foundation from the media, since the media content is king, in the space is always the truth

compared to the stick bar, WeChat, micro-blog drainage, I think, maybe QQ space drainage may be relatively easy. Space day browsing thousands of people, in fact, it is easy to reach, novice if serious, learning skills, a month of 3000 degrees browsing is normal.

here, I help you new operators, talk about what they need, and may help you

generally speaking, space from the media is divided into three major categories: four small class

refers to three categories: pure play, general marketing class and professional class,

four contains a lot of small classes, here’s a brief introduction to

1: ordinary popularity number: do not do any marketing operations, individual pure play, with the public, this kind of suitable for many ordinary people, show off a kind of

2: Micro agents: micro business, I think we all understand that this is a micro belongs to the business of the era, the largest space micro business a lot, I know, the main way is not under ten, development agency.

3: false marketing: QQ space operations, there are many selling fake goods, an apple 62500 yuan, and so on and so on, I believe we all understand, relying on the premise of large traffic.

4: color flow: This is not to say, if you play well, increase profitability with fans is several times more than several or dozens of times, playing the first choice for CPA, here is a meal of tertiary operation, the effect is good, the wind is more powerful space.

The classification is more simple

help us to know clearly, we should develop what, what fans is directed, what we need is our only team to set goals based on the actual project, I am here to help you simply say a little skill, I hope you can help


good space allows users to relax and make them more productive,

in doing space operations at the same time, we have to do, in order to achieve our own profits, with the user’s experience is a positive proportion of

in the space log and say about the premise of quality, can have effective drive user development, interaction, increase user experience, first of all to know how to give, and secondly, is to ask for

interaction, to vision, and it is best to move to other platforms, so that traffic conversion, reward is not the same as how good, a physical reward is actually better than

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