Details don’t always determine success, but they can help you get closer to success

many novice webmaster have such experience, in the mind suddenly have a good idea or heard friends say a word is very hot, there is a shelf to register a domain name to stand up to the impulse to immediately do so, a few days or half a month suddenly found the original site when selecting keywords is not good enough or not some content think, want to change or add keywords to remove some plates, move after the results of the site is down right, no traffic update with no power, so do give up halfway. So, whether we are in the process of doing stand, or just beginning to build to more thinking about some of the details of the problem, perhaps these details do not affect your direction, but can speed up or slow down your pace.

so what is the details? Fine details in the end to what extent? I would say about their experience, many webmaster friends lamented to me to do a few months even shadow ranking keywords can not see, the website is updated every day also bought a lot of links is lackluster, the real look at his website I why didn’t know his station a few hundredths of a ranking, keyword density, content is rich, more than a dozen modules but do keyword content only one module, Baidu is not alone (machine) even if people see your site, you may not know this website is mainly about what this website how a good ranking. From this point that many people do not pay attention to build station auxiliary content and the main content of the proportion of the collocation details, and this is affecting the distribution and density of keywords in the future, directly affect the site’s ranking. I have a very good example of this, take my acne pox net, acne, acne products, acne mask, acne India four keyword density frequency are more than 1 points to 2 points just to comply with the SEO standard and the four key ranking original to the first page of Baidu, now don’t have much time to take care of all fell to the second page, ha ha! So we don’t underestimate those details, because the details of the decision is an important factor of success, brought about by the details of the question is often the key problem.

since it is detail, then a lot of people will sigh, I will think of so much, in fact, many details we think of, but in too many complicated things neglected. Therefore, I give you a suggestion remember the details mining details, that is when we think of the problem to use Notepad or notes, research should also set out to use Notepad or pen, so that the erratic in your mind something to the whole show. As the saying goes, "a good head is worse than a bad pen". It probably means this. I read less and analyze it concretely. We can go to Baidu to check it. Here we just want to be able to help everyone.


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