Traditional nternet industry, leather, their lives only fate

"The future belongs to those who understand the Internet in traditional industries, not those who understand the Internet but don’t understand traditional industries," says

Cai Wensheng.

China Internet development for more than ten years, has formed a pattern, Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, three teams temporarily unable to be broken, and the various segments are Zhanshanweiwang princes, not a newcomer can shake. The Internet and mobile Internet, the wheels go straight ahead, traditional industries will be subversive, but not the people who understand the Internet to subvert the traditional industries, but those who have rich experience in traditional industries, but also people who understand the Internet to subvert the traditional industry of her own. It is own one’s own life, in this process, there must be a group of local bosses who do not know how to use the Internet to be abandoned by the market.

1, why not understand the Internet, but do not understand the traditional industries of human leather, the fate of traditional industries?

No matter what

a company selling products, provide what services, products is the core of things, whether it is the Internet or mobile Internet, is an auxiliary tool, the core value of the product or the original. Do not understand the traditional industries, they do not understand the product, but also do not understand the internal needs of the use of products.

2, what can traditional companies do with the Internet?

in this period of time I start the WeChat development company, many traditional enterprise boss asked me to do WeChat can bring me what? Sometimes I don’t know how to answer them, WeChat is a technical stuff, it can not bring any consumer to the enterprise. You ask, what do you do with development? In fact, the answer is not here, but what traditional companies need to do with the internet. If you understand what your business needs to do with the Internet, you will naturally know why you are developing it, and you will understand what functions you want to develop.

for example, if you’re the owner of a restaurant, you want the user to know what your specialty is like before you come here. How about the vegetables?. You can have these options:

(1) send flyers, put all your features and all the dishes on, the price is on top, as well as a reservation phone;

(2) makes a website, also puts your dish characteristic and the price above;

(3) develop the WeChat menu, and put a menu in WeChat.

Why does

say that the future belongs to those who understand the Internet in traditional industries, because only the boss of a traditional enterprise knows what your business needs to do with the Internet?. You used to send fliers to tell people what you were doing, and now you’re telling people via the internet.

3, who is the captain of the traditional enterprise navigating the Internet?

although there are also some traditional industries that start using the Internet, they spend a certain amount of time and money, as well as manpower on the Internet, >

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