Webmaster construction industry website growth notes two

Preface: in August 2nd, I did a summary of the stage. Since there are few narrative articles, the last one is written in a mess, and it is estimated that few people except the relevant person can understand it. Since the growth of a written note, there is no way to continue, want to go on the road, especially the site construction industry to help some friends.

in the construction industry webmaster growth notes, I mainly introduced myself from the University began to determine the target. It took about two years to reach the two stage goal, and changed the three screen name, as well as the psychological activity since that time. This article will mainly introduce my experience and experience of establishing the construction industry network since I resigned from Dalian.

resigned from Dalian and returned to Changchun. It was supposed to be in July 7, 2008. A lot of things happen a month back in the family, now in retrospect, I often can not help to think of these things is not smooth because of my bad luck, the influence of the family or because sometime? Want more useless, three Heaven, seven by hard work. It is not my character, to work hard, citing a few days ago when a tourist attractions "tour pal" engraved in the sentence: "it is not a thing!" (speech: dasvgufua Nabaichuan chest, only can hold more things, and optimistic enough, personally think that this is one of the basic way to Ruth

) business conditions

feel good after finishing, August 9, 2009, once again came to the Jilin construction, the first few days of the two team members turned into a legend in the eyes, the thought of communication enough, but the real beginning of the discovery, insufficient communication. My business plan (construction industry website), the other party does not understand, the other side of the train of thought is to do, look, first do Invoicing, and then develop new version of the cost of software. I knew definitely at that time: I came home early and even began to suspect that I was back wrong…… Invoicing I resisted, because even though I am not through market research, but I was not optimistic about this sunset products. During this period I made two mistakes: first, pick up a single program development of the gaming website, even if not wrong in formal cooperation should also put money into the company’s income; the site may violate the law (fortunately, the gambling sites in the development of a week all died). The second mistake, eclecticism, feels that the investor has made no future and is not good enough to oppose the other’s opinions completely, so he decided to make a ERP management software for the local network version of the building materials. The other side agreed for some consideration. The two sides also signed a cooperation agreement on the future development of ERP and the development of the website. (speech: 1 communication, in doing something before the main members must communicate more, clear goals, responsibilities and responsibilities. The goal of reunification talks again after the other! 2 since the beginning of cooperation in cooperation, work should be put aside some desires, if the team internal calculations, the early agile so early. 3 decision: early start business must not mean, avoid by all means, otherwise, delay is not only time, but also >

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