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SEO cheats all kinds of ways, and GOOGLE punishment site in a variety of ways. For example, there are many friends who don’t know much about SEO and wonder whether the site is in the GOOGLE sandbox or punished by GOOGLE.

because, GOOGLE sandbox and drop power of these two algorithms, more or less somewhat similar, are unable to find rankings or rankings and back. However, the two algorithms are only a penalty method for GOOGLE, and sandbox is not a penalty for GOOGLE.

article on the GOOGLE sandbox:

for GOOGLE sandbox mechanism do not know friend, can read our site in the above article.

site was GOOGLE drop penalty for the main performance is:

keyword ranking download, perhaps a web site itself, many keywords Google ranking is in the first page. But after being Google down the right punishment, many website keywords from the first page of the rankings have dropped ten pages, dozens of pages or even disappeared.

Why is the

site down?


is also a site where GOOGLE believes that sites are cheating, and perhaps the site uses extreme SEO to artificially optimize the keyword rankings for the site. After GOOGLE discovered, regarding the website cheating degree, has taken the varying degree punishment. Light down right processing, and then directly delete site data, refused to included site.

GOOGLE sandbox and drop weight difference

needs to make it clear once again that the GOOGLE sandbox is not a punishment, but the sandbox mechanism is a barrier that GOOGLE sets up to block the new site and to get rank by fast cheating.

has passed the test of the GOOGLE sandbox, and the website can still perform well on the GOOGLE search engine. GOOGLE sandbox time is different on each site, and some sites trapped in it for 8 months, there are 1 months.

and drop the right is GOOGLE, in fact, the punishment of the site, through the weight of the site is reduced, so that the site itself some very good keywords dropped. As for the right to drop, but also can not save, it depends on the SEO approach.

GOOGLE sandbox and drop power in common: direct search URL, can not find your station, or your station is not in the first place. Direct search for your company name, too.

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