Baidu from the afternoon to start a wide range of updates, see

last contributed to the site three days included not audited, I do not know why, AD may be too serious. Oh, my literary grace is not good, so I can not write the soft text. After May 1st, a lot of friends stand back to the snapshot of No. 20, No. 21, No. 22 and No. 27 up for several days not updated snapshot, included the inside pages is very slow.

many webmaster said that 51 did not take care of, also have a lot of friends said during the holiday has been constantly updated, so what have said, but we should keep in mind that the Internet is changing, you can follow it on the pace of it, we should make flexible use of the morning, update, station, promotion. Take a look at the old station, the snapshot did not change, or 22 just do the station, domain name is not included, in other old stations and new sites.

previously included or snapshot stuck in a few numbers 20 and is a very popular station, was still wondering what time to update, only good at adding content in the promotion, then looked at the web log that Baidu spider these days is very diligent, but the new station is not included, is not I have collected the contents of the pseudo original ah, ah update a few stations too tired to go to the other station to learn, to habitual website statistics daily income, then went to see the Links, suddenly found the morning to see their station snapshot also is 22, what is now – May 4th Baidu updated quickly! See my station snapshot or No. 22, sad to see my new station, halo was collected more halo is when I stand this promotion with www" why Baidu The book is not with "www" D snapshot is 3, the more depressed is the CN station I did not promote, but the corn to test procedures when the official had a connection to seek help, but the title is the original template template and the default snapshot is No. 4, I think this update Baidu will continue until midnight or until tomorrow at noon.

this situation confirms search engines are constantly changing, we quickly look at their station update yet, no new sites included in, ask I have corn to sell, but do not know the worthless gaming community. Please bring a connection when you reprint

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