The experience of an unemployed secondary vocational school student as a webmaster

it’s common for college graduates to find jobs now, let alone secondary school students. I ask myself, as a little computer based business insider, what can I do about education? No one else is tall, technical, and nobody else is good.

graduated from technical secondary school. It’s almost one year since today. In February today, "the factory put me on a long vacation". I didn’t go looking for a job anymore, because I wanted to be a station master. To be honest, from practice to warehouse management for a whole year, and for a long time, I always feel that I can’t learn anything, it’s a waste of time. Just come for a holiday, let me do my part.


briefly introduces the three stages of my contact with the Internet:

one, from 05 years ago to contact the Internet, truly aware of the powerful internet. Not only can obtain information from the network through the network, the original can also make money online, I have done many projects: NEWSBAR news, voting, internet promotion and so on, although not much money, but that when reading is concerned,

is pretty good!

, two to 06 years, then online speculation is the hottest SOHO station agent network, is a collection of membership fee to join a website, as members of the income is entirely by pull off the assembly line and earn commission, commission by 50%, customer service said a downline can earn 30 block method is the patient told me in detail how to register website, how to pull off the assembly line. Who knows when I remit the money, the website is closed soon, and the customer service is missing. Later I knew it was online marketing, and it was a scam. At that time this kind of website, there should be thousands of home so much, I want to do Wangzhuan almost every people have been cheated.

three, and in 08 years, the Internet has rapidly spread two film and television alliances:

1, century new film and Television Alliance, joining fee: 2800 yuan. Advertising Co., Ltd. Beijing new century century.

2, the only shadow alliance, franchise fee: 198 yuan. Hubei great Yangtze River Network Technology Co., ltd..

for the League of the century, I have not yet detailed understanding, because there is not so much money to invest. The only thing that I’ve done is, I don’t know how to make money, because we don’t even have FTP addresses. To put it plainly, we have only the right to put in advertising and add some information. In addition, the official film updates are slow, so where to stay fans friends, let alone talk about making money. This is my love to see a movie:

now I give it up and focus on my sunshine Theater: Probably not how early promotion, traffic is from the search engine, and now IP only 1000, PV1 million.

has recently been thinking about how to promote his own movie station, and SEO is still learning and believes that the future will be great

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