Entrepreneurial rich good marksmanship

2011 is going to pass, of course, in the end how we want to have a good guard, in the end to make a lot of money, a good industry, then the small series to give you a number of entrepreneurial marksmanship

the first shot: Entrepreneurship entrepreneurial awareness

According to the Cye

the third method

: entrepreneurial venture

in entrepreneurial awareness and entrepreneurship in terms of preparation, entrepreneurs need to have a good method. So you need to have someone to guide the entrepreneurial team, so that they take detours. On a global scale, why are Silicon Valley entrepreneurs so famous? A lot of people understand that money matters. In fact, many wealthy people in the country, especially in Jiangsu and Zhejiang area of private capital is very developed. But Silicon Valley has a good tradition, there are a large number of successful entrepreneurs to help the new entrepreneurs here, this pass, help, with the tradition of Silicon Valley so famous. We are willing to invest in the country to make such an attempt to help the majority of entrepreneurs have a better way.

have consciousness, spirit and methods, and can not guarantee the success. In fact, in the entrepreneurial process, contacts played a role in 70%-80%. Many entrepreneurs have good products and services, but because of their lack of social experience and contacts, no one to help them. Startups may fail because they don’t have this kind of network. With the advent of such a platform to invest, entrepreneurs can help quickly accumulate their contacts, complete leap.

> sixth Entrepreneurship

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